The ultimate guide to Boy Scout collectables

The Boy Scouts of America. As one of the most well known scouting organizations in the world, and one of the largest within the United States, you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the Boy Scouts. Its history and contributions have become a major part of American history and culture. For example, we’ve all used that phrase “scout’s honor” when making a promise at some point or another, even if we ourselves were never Boy Scouts.

The organization was founded in 1910, and since then over 110 million Americans have participated in the Boy Scout programs. It even became a driving force to the start of an international scouting program and is a proud founding member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Today there are about 2.4 million members of the Boy Scout’s youth programs.

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What made the programs so attractive was their wholesome message, and the idea that the participants would have a chance to learn real and useful hands-on skills. Young boys would get to learn practical skills for the outdoors, but also learn what it takes to be an effective leader. Many former participants have praised the Boy Scouts for teaching them the leadership skills they needed to accomplish their goals when they became adults. Parents see the results of these programs and can’t wait to sign their kids up. Whether they just last a few years in their youth as a scout, or work their way through the ranks to become and Eagle, everyone agrees it’s worth the experience.

Because of the Boy Scouts’ rich history, and its significance to many Americans, being a collector of Boy Scout memorabilia is definitely on trend. For some it’s just a passing hobby, but for others it’s a task they take very seriously. Sometimes the collectors are former members themselves, and they feel a personal connection to the items they are working to collect. For others, they are in the business of collecting rare and valuable items, and they know that the Boy Scouts has a number of those to offer.


From older versions of the official handbook, different styles of the uniform over the years, or trusty pocket knives, there is no shortage of different kinds of items out there for the Boy Scout enthusiast to find. However, the most popular items to collect are usually patches and medals. They are smaller and easier to store, making it even easier to collect a lot of them. Additionally, there is such a wide variety of patches and medals that hold meaning to the Boy Scouts, and there is usually money to be made if you can find a good one. For those just starting out in the collection game, the most important thing is to to be aware of what you should look for.

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