6 pros of living with friends after college

They say you tend to meet ‘your people’ when you get to college. After years of being a bumbling socially awkward teen at high school, now you’ve gone to college, you’ve transformed into a wonderfully easy-going social butterfly. Sound about right?

Well, now that your college days are over and responsible adult-life has become rather daunting, you probably want to hold onto your leisurely life surrounded by friends a little bit longer. And if that is in fact the case, living with your friends once college is over could definitely be the right choice for you. Here are six pros of getting a place with your pals…

You’ll deepen your friendships

Now that you’ve met some best friends for life, why not stay with them for a little bit longer and share a house together? You’re all in the same boat now that the ship of college has sailed, so this could be your chance to strengthen the friendships you’ve cherished so much for the last few years.

6 pros of living with friends after college

You’ll save some money

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having your friends as roommates is you’ll save a lot of money. Sharing the costs of rent and bills between you will make your life so much easier. Especially seen as postgraduate life is always a time when the bank isn’t exactly full. Plus, splitting your bills with someone you trust makes a lot more sense for your financial safety.

You’ll never be lonely

You were never really left alone at University, were you? One of the best parts about being at college is waking up after a night out to your best friend storming into your room to lie on your bed with you talking about the antics from the night before. No matter how much you try and escape them, living with your friends means you never get the chance to wallow in your self-pity. They won’t let you get in a slump as they’ll be around 24/7, whether you like it or not. What are your friends for, ey?

You’ll always get fed

What was another great thing about living with friends at college? You could always steal a bit of their food from the fridge without it being TOO much of a big deal. They might have moaned at you, but did you actually care? Sharing a house with your friends means that as well as splitting the bills, you could also share the grocery shop each week too. A best mate never lets their pal go hungry, do they!?

6 pros of living with friends after college

You’ll rarely be bored

Nothing is ever dull when you’re with your friends. Even sitting staring at a wall is fun when you’re with the people who make you laugh the most. If they are already your pals, then you probably already share the same interests, enjoy doing the same things, and find the same things funny.

You can be yourself

Living with people you don’t know can be tough at first, but if you live with friends, you can totally be yourself from the word go. Want to walk around naked? Sure. Had a bad day? Well feel free to come home and scream as loud as you want…they won’t judge you! As much as meeting new people is great, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the besties you hate to love.

If it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it. Living with friends is a great idea, no matter your circumstances. So now that you’ve found the perfect pals, get searching for the perfect property!