7 things you’ll miss about spring break after graduation

Spring break is the time when many students head off into the sun to have a great time while everyone else is stuck doing their jobs. Unfortunately, college doesn’t last forever, and soon the tables will turn; you’ll be the one stuck at work while all of those kids are out having a great time. That’s when you’ll really miss spring break, when you’re stuck doing stupid adult things. Here are some of the things you’ll really miss about spring break when you’re a grown up (boo)!

The glorious weather

So one thing you’re definitely going to miss is finding an escape from the dull gray weather of home and getting to the sunshine. Instead of running into the sun with open arms you’ll have to wait around in your sweater for the warm weather to come to you in the summer.

Road trips with buddies

The great thing about studying is that your buddies will be on the same schedule as you. That means when you have time off so do they. Sadly, as you get older and move into the working world that is not always the case. It’ll become harder and harder to get a trip organized with your best buds. The worst thing is that even if you can get your friends together, you’ll probably have spent so much money on your rent and bills you won’t be able to afford anything fun to do together. At least you’ll all be in the same boat though.

Doing stuff just because you can

So anytime you do want to just escape from your office you’ll have to pre-arrange with your work for some time off. This completely removes the spontaneity from most fun things. They’re still fun obviously, but it’s not as fun when you’ve been planning it for six months. On spring break you can just head to the nearest lake whenever you want.

New people are everywhere

Or at least they used to be on spring break. Now you’ve just got to listen to the dulcet tones of Gary in the cubicle next to yours as he is sharing the aftereffects of the super spicy burrito he had for lunch.
Gary is your life now, there aren’t the hoards of people surrounding you having a good time, it’s just Gary and his smelly wind. Yay.

That looks like fun, let’s try it

When you’re out exploring the wonderful location you’ve traveled to on spring break you’re bound to find loads of new and exciting things to do. Once you’ve had to live life in the real world for a while, you’ll realize new things are just stuff you used to do. Now you’ve got a schedule to stick to, and you don’t see an opening anytime soon for something new and fun. We aren’t crying, you’re crying!

Beauty sleep

So not everybody goes away for spring break. Some people would rather they spent that time chilling out and catching up on some vital sleep. Those were the days when you could just sleep for a week and not feel any guilt for doing it. Now you have so much to do when you’re not at work you don’t have the time to sleep for a week. If you’re taking a week off, your either going on vacation or spending that time doing some housework. None of those things are sleeping.


Sweet, sweet, nothing. You remember when you could take spring break to do absolutely nothing? Like, you’d have no plans, and no one would expect you to have anything coming up. That is a luxury that sadly disappears with adult responsibility. There will always be something you’ll have to spend your time doing.

Those were seven of the things you’ll miss when you can’t take spring break any longer. If you still have a few spring breaks left in your tank then make sure you make the most of them before they’re gone forever.