Best majors for analytical people

It can be difficult knowing which major is best for you, sometimes you know exactly what kind of thinker you are, but no idea where you should apply yourself. The great thing about being an analytical thinker is that you have a broad range of subjects available to you, however, sometimes that’s actually half the problem. Having the whole world at your fingertips can actually make it really difficult to decide which path you want to take. Here are some of the best majors for analytical thinkers.

Best majors for analytical people


Learning all the ins and outs of maths would be an incredible advantage to whatever role you find yourself in, as it forces you to find solutions for complicated problems. It can also lead to some important jobs such as accountancy, business analyst, and so on. Mathematicians are some of the most analytical people on the planet and working with figures, and different types of data mean you’ll be using your analytical mind every moment you’re learning this subject. If you love solving problems and working mostly independently, then this is a great major for you.

English Literature

Believe it or not, this takes a more of an analytical mind than perhaps a creative one, since most of the skills you’ll be utilizing is trying to infer and deduce what a writer or piece of creative text is trying to say. This means you will need to have the ability to pay attention to detail and make your decisions based on your findings. However, this is based more on interpretation than hard data, so if your preference is for solving real-world issues with hard numbers, this is not the major for you. However, if you find the works and minds of creative people fascinating, then this is a great major to take on, it’s also well-respected and very transferable.

Computer Science

This is a broad role faced with a myriad of responsibilities, computer science is one of the most sought after sectors and offering some lucrative starting salaries. We’re living in a world where computers are becoming more and more prominent, and are apart of our everyday lives. You’ll be kept on your toes and learn a broad range of things, you’ll be tested on your creativity, decision making, and your ability to analyze data.

Best majors for analytical people


Business is a great major if you’re interested in all things business related, and especially if you’re confident and enjoy being very forward-thinking. Business requires someone who can think on the spot, analyze data, and make decisions that affect the future of the business. Whether you’re looking at structure, finances, or marketing, there is always a decision to be made. You will also be subjected to a whole range of topics such as ethics, politics, recruitment, and so on. If you want to really put your analytical mind to the test and learn as much as possible, then business is your you.

Political Science

If you’re thinking about the state of your country or the world and think you might have some great ideas on how to improve it, why not take on political science? You’ll need to analyze both numbers and social data while learning the political system intimately, giving you a first-class knowledge on how it all works.

Choosing your major seems hard, but sometimes you just have to go with which one makes you feel more excited, rather than the one that seems most practical. Think to yourself, what would I like to spend more time learning about?