Cheap and fun cities to live in after college

After college, funds are a little slim and it’s time to start saving for the future. Living in world-class cities is tempting, but the cost can be huge. This doesn’t mean good locations can only be found in the most obvious places. So, here are some cost-effective but still fun places to live.

Buffalo, New York

With plenty of apartments to go around, this place is perfect for graduates. The cost is considered mid-range, on top of its esteemed reputation as the ‘City of Good Neighbours’. There is also so much to do. Buffalo is known for being close to Niagara Falls. Everything in Buffalo is about a 20-minute drive which is not only convenient but also means no extensive traveling to have a little fun. There are tons of things to do. The most notable attractions are the canalside, which is perfect for jogs or bike rides alongside it, as well as a museum of modern art, botanical gardens, and a plethora of historical buildings that make show the city’s rich history.

Cheap and fun cities to live in after college

Las Vegas, Nevada

This location may be surprising, but living in Las Vegas is not the gamble it seems to be. There is plenty of land to go around, making larger properties more affordable. Living in neighborhoods, rather than on the famous strip, provides a calm atmosphere but doesn’t take away from the world-class nightlife. Aside from the shows and casinos, the Grand Canyon is close enough to take the bus to visit and a ferris wheel is a great way to see the beautiful skyline so many people love. Las Vegas has it all – from aquariums to different shows every season. For entertainment, this is one great place to live.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Located in South Asia, Nepal is a small but beautiful country. It is possible to live on $600 a month in Nepal and be living comfortably. The only downside: getting residency is incredibly tough. Most people spend 150 days a year there to get around this, but what is there to do in those days? Well, swap out electronic entertainment for visiting temples and going on scenic hikes. There is a national park to see all kinds of native animals. Mount Everest and the Himalayas, the two most well-known ranges in the world, are surprisingly close to view by helicopter ride or panoramic flights. Other outdoor activities include river rafting and kayaking. This city is full of culture and energy, so it is a great way to expand horizons.

Cheap and fun cities to live in after college

Bogota, Colombia

As far as affordable goes – Bogota is a great option. It is estimated that living here is only a third of the cost of living in New York. It also resembles world-class cities that cost an arm and a leg to live in but adds culture that can not be found anywhere else. This city has great weather all year round and a vivid nightlife. La Candelaria is the historic center of Bogota and has fantastic sites with colorful architecture. The Gold Museum is popular for tourists, and a great way to learn the history of Columbia before placing down some roots. There are also enough cathedrals to last a lifetime of visits, with detailed architecture that shows just how important faith is to the local population.