Which college friends will stay with you for the rest of your life?

Coming out of college with a diploma is one thing, but there will also be other things that you leave college with that will be almost as important (if not more so!). Alongside essential life skills and experience, you will likely form a number of friendships that will last the rest of your life, which is something pretty special, and these are the types of people you will find long term friendship with.

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Study pals

Let’s start with the academic ones. These are the people you meet in your classes and become friends with due to a shared interest in your subject, but also shared misery in 9am lectures and long nights in the library writing papers. You’re thrown together, and even if you don’t keep in contact constantly when you graduate, the likelihood is that you’ll have friends, and potential colleagues, for life. These are the ones that you’ll speak to sporadically over the years, as you both forge your way into your chosen industry, perhaps helping the other network, or commiserating over lost job opportunities, reminiscing over fraught exam stress and terrible lecturers.

Party friends

These are the ones who always have the hook-ups to the coolest parties and seem to know exactly what’s going on on campus at all times. These are the most fun to be friends with during your college years, and in the years following graduation, you’ll notice how often they appear in your stories, especially those about crazy nights and adventures. They might not always be the best for emotional heart-to-hearts, but you know you’re going to have a fun time with them and laugh a lot, even when you meet up in the future.

The Mom friend

This pal is likely to be one of your closest friends during your time at college and someone you will confide in for the rest of your life. This is the friend who brings you cough syrup when you’re sick, shows you how to do your laundry without shrinking everything, and knows how to cook more than just mac and cheese. Sometimes you’ll look across at this friend and wonder how you would have ever survived without them! You’ll still be pretty close after college and will message each other regularly between meet-ups. She’ll help you decide what to wear to job interviews and listen to you when you’re having marital problems. A mom friend is a friend for life.

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Sorority sisters/Frat brothers

Your sisters and brothers from your sorority or fraternity will become like an extended family for you during your time at college. They’ll laugh with you and cry with you, and you’ll make some incredible memories together, from getting involved in fundraisers and community service to parties, shows, and educational experiences. Once you have this bond, you will have it for life, and whenever you meet another member of your frat or sorority in the future, even if they were at school at a different time than you, you’ll look out for one another. They really are like brothers or sisters, and that’s a friendship that will last forever.

As you can see, there are several types of friends you will make in college, and if you’re lucky, they’ll be your friends for many years longer.