Here’s how accounting can rescue you from a bad career

If you don’t wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, then there’s a high chance that you probably aren’t P. Diddy (sorry to break it to you) and that you might be in the wrong career. Yuh-huh, getting up for work shouldn’t be a chore if you love what you’re doing. Sure, there will always be bad days even if you love your job, but feeling unhappy every single day isn’t a good sign…but we might have the perfect antidote for you. A change in career could be the change you need to perk yourself up and leave out the door to hit that city, and we reckon your next career move should be towards the world of accounting. Here’s why:

Your bank balance may drastically increase

If you’re fresh out of college, you’re probably crippled in debt right now (yay!) and struggling to find an entry-level job that won’t leave you dumpster-diving for your food – y’know, unless you’re into that kind of thing. One of the best things about the world of accounting is that most newly qualified accountants can earn around $50,000 a year. As if that wasn’t cool enough, most people are racking up a six-figure salary just five years after graduating. Man, that makes our hearts hurt.

Accountants are always needed

Although we now live in a world where robots are taking over, and we’re gonna need to call Will Smith if things get any worse, accountants will always be needed. Unlike factory work, or electronics or car manufacturing, businesses of all kinds need accountants to manage their books and help them out. Sure, robots can do sums, but would Google really put their money into the hands of a robot? We’d like to think not.

Accountancy gives you a way in and a way up

The best thing about the world of accountancy is that it is literally needed in every single walk of life – from small businesses to major corporations, to nonprofit organizations and even government work. Because of this, accountancy not only gives you a way into these sectors, but they also give you the chance to work your way up, expand your knowledge and potentially move away from sums and figures. Who knows, you could end up doing the accounts for Richard Branson on his private island!

There are some pretty neat perks

Okay, we know we’re not in the ‘90s so we probably shouldn’t be saying ‘neat’ – but being an accountant really does come with some awesome perks. Thanks to the nature of the job, many days you may be able to work from home (AKA ice cream on tap), you may be allowed a more flexible schedule to suit your needs, and you might even get freebies from the companies you work for. So if anyone is giving away a free holiday to the Bahamas, you take it, pal.

It’s fairly easy to get into

If you’ve obtained your degree outside of the world of accounting, you may be thinking that a change of career is a little too little too late. However, if you’ve already got a degree, you can easily take on a 1-year Master of Accounting degree that will get your ready and raring to go as a qualified accountant. It’s as easy as that.

If you find yourself waking up with tears on your pillow, we hope you soon realize that your potential goes beyond making coffee. A change of career into the world of accounting could be the change you need in your life, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Why not give it a try?