Highest paying jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree

Before spending a lot of money on a five-figure undergraduate degree, you’ll want to get an idea of what your salary may be like after graduation, and whether or not you’ll want to obtain additional qualification to grow your earnings potential.

If a higher degree isn’t an alternative, and a higher paycheck is what you’re searching for, you’ll be happy to hear that some lucrative jobs require only a bachelor’s qualification. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that you can get with a bachelor’s degree.


You may believe that huge earnings are only to be expected for financial advisors and top bankers. However, even at the base of financial occupation pool, there’s cash to be made. You’ll require a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting to prepare you for an entry-level post in the accounting profession.

Although additional learning isn’t needed for these early posts, numerous graduates select to acquire further training within the field to become qualified certified public accountants and to eventually gross a substantial salary increase without getting a graduate degree.


Engineering is consistently a highly rewarding field, and it’s one of the top five high paying degree subjects, according to a 2018 study compiled by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. The organization also established that software engineer qualifiers get the highest beginning pay of any branch of engineering, starting around $70,073. Other high paying graduate’s posts involve those of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer engineers, and chemical engineers.


While high-level positions within the medical field may be beyond reach with only a bachelor’s qualification, nursing professions may provide a surprising pay package. For example, in the United States, nursing is predicted to grow by 15% over the coming eight years, more rapidly than most other professions. In the US, an entry level nurse can earn about $48,690. Health administration qualifiers gross even more, at $55,200. To obtain an entry-level post of a nurse in the United States, you’ll need to acquire a diploma and a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree in nursing.

Computer programmer

IT experts are more in demand than ever before, thanks to the rapidly developing world of computer technology and growing supremacy of online and information technology skills. In the United States, the average pay of a computer programmer was $82,240 in 2017, and the starting salary for computer science qualifiers reached a median of $66,005. Other lucrative jobs within the IT zone include those in web development, software development, and network architecture. To be a computer programmer in the United States, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in an IT related field like information systems, mathematics, or computer science.

Public relations controller

Professions in public relations can be high paying, with expert posts in the United States grossing an average pay of $53,241 yearly and management posts enjoying a high average pay of $111,280. While public relations professions are comparatively simple to get into with only a bachelor’s degree, perseverance and hard work are required before you’ll get the high salary you want. Public relation bosses will usually look warmly upon graduates with undergraduate qualifications in specialties like journalism, communications, media studies, and business.