Jobs that make surprisingly high salaries

If you’re currently scouring the job market looking for the right career for you, you probably have a few stipulations before you sign your contract and potentially sign your life away. After all, nobody wants to be crying in the corner every day for the rest of their lives because they hate their job. You need to find a job that will offer the right work environment (i.e., it’s very own ball pit), one that offer great hours (preferably one day a week), and one that offers a salary that suits all of your needs (a mansion, designer clothes, a Ferrari and 16 dogs). If you’re looking for a high salary, these jobs might surprise you.

Cook or chef

If you pride yourself on your cheese toastie skills, there’s a high chance that this job isn’t for you. Not unless you fancy giving Gordon Ramsay a call and asking for a few cooking lessons. However, if you can do that it will totally pay off. Although chefs and cooks in everyday restaurants do not earn big bucks, chefs who are commissioned to work in unusual surroundings do. In fact, if you can find yourself a job on a submarine or on an oil rig, you could be looking at a huge six-figure salary that will definitely buy you a Ferrari or two.

Cruise ship captain

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you have to have a few dollars to afford to even go on a cruise, but it seems like the big boss behind the scenes also gets paid a hefty percentage of these costs. Although you will normally have to work within a 10-week-on 10-week-off schedule, you will be heavily compensated for this unusual working pattern. In fact, these guys get to earn more than $150,000 for steering the ship and making sure you get to sip your pina colada in the Bahamas.

Online dating ghostwriter

If you’ve ever used online dating (come on, you can admit it), you’ll know that all of these apps and sites come with a whole load of spiel that someone, somewhere has to write. Well, that job is down to an online dating ghostwriter, who makes it their mission to write for the likes of Tinder, EHarmony and Plenty of Fish. While those at the bottom of the ladder can make up to $900 a month for just one site (they normally work on a few at a time) those on the top rung of the online dating ghostwriter ladder could be rolling in a six-figure salary that will make everyone jealous.

Shot girl

You know what it’s like. You’ve had a few drinks, and you start splashing your cash like it’s no man’s business. Amazingly, this drunken and generous behavior works in favor of the shot girls in these nightclubs, because they make a huge amount of money by working full-time for a year. In fact, one former shot girl noted that she made an incredible $500,000 through her salary and tips in one year. Where do we sign up?

Hot dog vendor

You probably walk past one of these every single day and choose the perfect dog for you – but did you know that these hot dog vendors are probably making more money than you? Yep, although they might not be the most glamours of carts, most popular hot dog vendors serve hundreds of customers each day, and with overheads and big profits, these guys are making a killing from serving your hot dogs. In fact, vendors in big cities can earn up to a whopping $1,150 over the course of one weekend. Not bad, huh?

If you’re looking for a new job, it might be best to reconsider your office job and opt for these weird and wonderful high paying jobs…