Why you should join a club after college

When you’re in college, it is only natural to join a load of clubs. Not only do they look great on your resume, and teach you some pretty useful skills, they are also a lot of fun and are a great way to make friends. So when you leave college, why would you want to give that up and live a life that consists only of work, sleep and drinking the boredom away?!

Types of club

Although there won’t be an activity fair to help you find the perfect hobby for you, there are plenty of club options for adults if you look for them. You could carry on something you loved at college such as improvisation or dance, or maybe look for something entirely different such as running or knitting. Here are some of the benefits of joining such a club:

Social life

As we grow older, it seems to be harder to make new friends, especially if all you are doing is going to work! An after-work club is a great way to find like-minded individuals, and no matter how different you might be, you can be sure to have this one thing in common at least! It can be easy to withdraw from social activities, and a club will keep this in your schedule and encourage you to blow off steam and socialize after a busy day of work!


Although making friends is really important, making professional connections is vital too! You could join a professional society, or a group that has been specifically set up for networking and this will (hopefully!) help you boost your career!

Physical health

Sure, you don’t have to do gym class anymore (thank goodness!), but perhaps you work out better in a group, so joining a club or activity that allows this will help you keep your physical fitness up. If you know, you wouldn’t ever drag yourself to the gym, but you would enjoy roller derby or running, for example, then ditch the gym membership and join one of these clubs instead.


A lot of clubs and groups are free or ask for a nominal fee. When you think about everything you are getting out of them, it is more than worth the $2 you are asked to pitch in at meetings and a lot cheaper than other pastimes you could be doing!


Joining a club or organization is really important for your own mental health, giving you something to look forward to and making sure you have a bit of a work-life balance. These things are not always easy when you are working a full-time job to pay the bills, but you deserve it, so invest in yourself! You will also find out things about yourself that you might not have ever known, and anything extra you do outside of work looks great in job interviews so make yourself a more interesting person all around!

Don’t resign yourself to a clubless life post-college. Get out there and join one that suits you and reap those benefits!