Moving away after graduation makes no difference for true best friends

Graduation marks the end of a lot of things. Exams, frat parties, eating nothing but Mac ‘n’ Cheese, but one thing it shouldn’t make the end of, is your friendship. At College, you meet people that you just click with and you feel as though you will be friends forever, and as long as you make an effort, you will be!

Visiting each other

Although you won’t get to see each other daily, that doesn’t mean that you never will. Book in some long weekends together, or take it in turns to visit each other’s new homes. You’ll be able to relive some of your favorite college habits, and you will appreciate each other more because of the distance.

Care packages

Getting packages through the post will always be exciting, especially when you know it is full of goodies from your BFF. You’ll have so much fun putting together care packages for each other, filled with handwritten notes and little gifts and trinkets that you have collected that remind you of each other.

Daily Texts

Where you once used to text about gossip and daily routines (“When will you be home?”, “We need more milk”, “Kylie and Simon broke up… again!”), you can still text just as much but about different things. Gossip will still be in abundance, and she’ll want to know all about the dilemma you are having about dying your hair, but you’ll also have bigger news to catch her up on, as well as the obligatory sharing of memes and silly selfies.

Binge watching shows

While you were at college, you probably had a favorite show that you watched together religiously. That doesn’t have to stop! Make sure you start watching it at the same time and you can both message each other live reaction updates – it’ll be like she is sat right next to you!

Something to keep close

Whether it is intentional or not, you will likely each end up with something that either belongs to the other person (you really did mean to give that skirt back, right?) or is from something you did together (those awful hats from the bar crawl!). Having something physical that will remind you of your long-distance college BFF is really special and will make you feel as though she is there with you.

More than a friendship of convenience

Sometimes we form friendships simply because we see someone every day. For example, if we work in an office, we might make a bond with the least-boring person there, but that doesn’t mean that we would be friends in another setting. Remember that it wasn’t the closeness that made you friends, it was how you were there for each other, how you made each other laugh and everything you went through together.

So although graduation is the end of a lot of things, it is also the start of the rest of your life – with your college best friend by your side, even if she is miles away geographically.