Reasons to go on a trip with your family after graduation

Congratulations, you’ve graduated! Yep, you’ve done it! No more education, no more school, just a brand new piece of paper to add to your wall and a whole host of crippling debt that will stay with you for the rest of your life (#sorrynotsorry). Graduating college is one of the most exciting experiences of your life, and no graduation ceremony would be complete without a gift or two. Your family might gift you with a brand new watch, a new whip, or even a vacation! If you want our opinion, you should NEVER turn down a family vacay – even if you are technically a *adult* now…

You get to spend quality time with your family

Okay, your family may be the most annoying people on the planet sometimes – but they are your family, so you kinda have to love them. While spending too much time with them often ends up disaster and overturned tables (especially during a game of Monopoly), spending one last hoorah ina brand new destination is the best way to spend quality time with your family. After all, you’re a big-time lawyer, doctor, engineer or whatever now, so you’re soon going to be going off into the big wide world of adulthood, and you’ll miss those moments.

Reasons to go on a trip with your family after graduation

You can take some epic selfies

Your family are the kind of people that you don’t realize you miss, until you are halfway across the country, in a job you hate, with no friend around you. So, why not take the opportunity of a family vacation to take some epic selfies to decorate your brand new house? You can get your Snapchat on, you can filter the shizz out of everything, and you can even take some ironic sunset photos – even though you hate nature and the outdoors.

You can feel super nostalgic

There really is nothing better than being a kid, and if we could go all Benjamin Button on our bodies we totally would – because we would give anything to be young and carefree again. Unfortunately, time is not on our side, but there is still a chance to feel super nostalgic with your family when you go on vacation together. You can frolic in the pool, you can play with your little sister in the park, and your parents might even let you have waffles every day for breakfast if you’re well-behaved!

You can chillax, and relax all cool

If you’re waiting to graduate, you won’t yet know how amazing it feels to be finally free of the stresses and strains of being a college student. As soon as you graduate, you’re expected to be a full-grown – which means you finally have to go to the doctor’s surgery without your mom in tow (gasp!) So, a family vacation is a perfect way to chillax and relax all cool before it all changes. You won’t have to plan it; you won’t have to pay for it… you simply have to turn up and enjoy yourself.

Reasons to go on a trip with your family after graduation

You get to celebrate

Yes, you! You get to celebrate! After years of hard work and dedication, you finally have your degree and are now a college graduate. Go get it! This achievement definitely deserves a celebration of sorts, and a family vacation could be exactly what you need to let your hair down and celebrate with the ones you love most. In fact, your family are so darn proud of your degree that they’ll probably spoil you rotten – and who doesn’t want that for two weeks straight?

Although choosing to go on vacation with your family might not be at the top of your agenda (y’know, if you’re organized like that), but it seems as though a trip with your family might be the best thing for you after you’ve donned your cap and gown and are waiting for adulthood to arrive. Relax, celebrate, and spend time with your loved ones for the trip of a lifetime!