Saying goodbye to your college friends

The time has come again, where you’re hopeful and excited for the future, but have to go through the despondent time of saying goodbye to all of the people you’ve grown close to.

For most, leaving college means moving to another city – whether it’s going back home or starting a new job elsewhere, and saying goodbye to your friends can be quite unpleasant.

But some experts have an easy solution – don’t say goodbye at all. No, this doesn’t mean avoiding your friends until you have to leave, but rather changing your mindset. Sure, you may not see your friends every day like you used to, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared from your life forever.

Saying goodbye to your college friends

Don’t avoid saying goodbye

Most people don’t just leave college without saying goodbye to their friends, but many find it difficult to actually say goodbye, because it’s sometimes hard to articulate just how much you’re going to miss your friends. Have a night out or a night in close to when you’re going to leave, giving you the chance to really express how much they mean to you. It may be difficult to share your emotions, but remember that your friends probably have the same feelings as you do and would probably love the platform to share as well. Maybe do some activity you always used to do together “for old times’ sake” or just have a relaxing evening where there’s no pressure to do anything. It really is a great way to spend your final college moments together and you really won’t regret it.

Give them something to remember you by

A parting gift is a great way to send a piece of yourself with your friends and to keep a piece of them with you. This doesn’t have to be an expensive gift at all, because gifts that remind people of their time spent together are often the best received. For example, get them something from a thrift store you used to visit together or a mug from a coffee shop you spent a lot of time at with them.

It might also be very comforting to write each other notes of encouragement and even to just say thanks for being a good friend. If you or your friends are ever feeling lonely in your new town, these are great trinkets to bring back the fond memories and keep the spirit of your friendship going.

Saying goodbye to your college friends

Get together again

This is now the most difficult part of the friendship – staying in touch. Life is about to get very busy and your head will be filled with all sorts of things you have to remember. But don’t forget your support group.

Before you leave college, it might be a good idea to discuss a plan with your friends about seeing each other in the recent future. Make plans to go on a trip together or visit each other in your new cities. Maybe even dedicate one weekend a month or every few months to get together.

Technology has also made it so much easier to stay in touch, especially over long distances. So if it’s difficult to meet in person, there is the possibility of video calling and catching up. Just think about all the things you’ll have to talk about!