Signs that you are quickly getting over college

They often say that college is the best time of your life and it’s clear why! Your first taste of freedom, parties, finding out who you are, new friends and learning about your chosen subject, of course, are all pretty great. But eventually, you will begin to get over college and be ready for the -gulp- big wide world and the adventures that come with that! So how do you know when it’s time to move on?

You’re living life off campus

Where campus used to be a place to hang out whenever you could, it has now become a place where you study and go to classes but that’s about it. You no longer feel the desire to spend all your time there. The novelty has worn off, and now maybe you have a job or are spending more time hanging out at your place, or with a friend or partner.

You’re over the party scene

Sure, in your freshman and sophomore years there was nothing more exciting than going to a frat party all the time. The party scene was the center of your social calendar, and you lived for those crazy nights. Now, however, you are aware that every party is the same and the drama isn’t worth it. That doesn’t mean you stop going to any parties, but you’re certainly more selective on which ones are worth your time, and you don’t feel the pressure to go off the hook every single time.

Staying in becomes more appealing

Sometimes you’re staying in because you have a test to study for, or you’re tired from the week, but sometimes you just fancy a night in with your housemates and a cheesy movie than having to go to a party. When you enter the adult world, this is what most of your social encounters are likely to entail (with a bottle of wine of course!), so you’re clearly growing up. Embrace it!

You become more career minded

As you get close to finishing your college years, things get more serious. You realize that it’s time to set some goals and think about your next step. You will find yourself working harder than ever to make sure you leave with the career you want, and suddenly that is so much more important than any gossip or party.

Your conversations start to change

When you first meet your friends in Freshman year, your conversations will be over excited, discussions of music, classes and your potential love life. As you go through college, the conversations mellow a little and start to cover things such as careers, housing and. Your potential love life. Well, some things never do change.

You’re ready. You just feel as though you are ready for the next chapter in your life. Sure, it’s going to be different in a lot of ways, but so are you. You’re not the young, naive freshman who started college; you’re a whole different person who has learned and grown and is ready to move on. It’s time to leave and spread your wings.