Top skills employers seek in college graduates

Once you complete your degree, the time has arrived to begin your professional career. The transition from being a student to having a full time job is not always smooth and easy. Some graduates get jobs in elite organizations right away, while others struggle to even get their first interview. Do you want to prove that you’re the right choice for a company to hire? Here are some of the top qualities that employers look for in college graduates.

High grades

The success of a company often relies upon intelligent employees. These are usually bright students in their respective colleges and universities, who have proven their intelligence by getting the best grades over a long period of time. Companies often shortlist the students with the highest grades and evaluate them for further skills in an interview.

Top skills employers seek in college graduates

Team player

Since companies are made up of a group of people, they are looking for fresh employees who can quickly adjust into the new environment and become an active part of the existing team. The candidates who can work on several projects, work well in teams, and have strong leadership abilities are most desirable.

Creative thinking

In today’s fast-moving world of business, companies are always looking for employees with new, novel ideas. A desirable candidate must be able to think outside of the box, analyze and interpret data, and have strong decision making skills. Hence, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to give constructive feedback are other important abilities.

Good communication skills

People who have excellent writing and oral presentation skills can communicate their perspective clearly. Employees often have to give reports during their job, and convince bosses and customers using their communication skills. Hence, hiring managers prefer graduates who were involved in debates, social media campaigns, and community service activities.

Works well under pressure

Most people want a job with regular hours, but oftentimes, employees have to be flexible with their time. Only the people with the highest resilience and ability to work in high pressure situations can successfully make it to the next step. Many graduates cannot bear the pressure of their first job, and leave fairly quickly. Companies carefully select graduates who prove that they can bear the pressure of working under a tough manager, extended working hours, travel, and working shifts.

Varied interests

Participation in extracurricular activities gives students the chance to vary their skills and learn a number of valuable lessons. This makes the candidate a more well-rounded person who is more fit for the job market. Companies often prefer graduates who were involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports activities over others.

Top skills employers seek in college graduates


Fresh graduates need to learn the company environment, culture, and relevant processes of the company. Hiring managers check the business sense and mental alertness of the candidates by asking information about the organization. The candidates should consult the company websites and must be aware of the hierarchy and functions of the company.

Getting your first job is a challenging task. Hiring managers try to select the future leaders of the company. They want to choose the most intelligent employees, who can work hard, help the company profit, have good communication skills, can analyze data for decision making, and work in teams. In addition, fresh graduates who are creative and have problem-solving skills are preferred. Moreover, resilience and the ability to work under pressure are other important skills.