Ways to get your dream internship

We all know that the people who land their dream internship are go-getters, the do-ers and the ones who don’t procrastinate. We need to act, think and do just like them to get the dream position you have always wanted.

Applying for position after position and redoing your resumé seem like such a chore, but guess what? Choose to be sloppy and somebody who is harder working than you will come in and swoop that internship from under you faster than you can say “yoink!”. You can stop that from happening, and our guide is going to show you how.

Rise and be a grinder

Internships are posted early in the AM, so you need to be up and ready to see what is available with your favorite coffee cup in hand. It is a good routine to get into as you will likely have a lot of early mornings when you land your dream internship – so get practicing!

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Ways to get your dream internship

Hone your cover letter to perfection

Instead of simply trying to come across witty and original, focus on your true strengths and be creative in how you portray yourself in the written word. Potential employers will read through dozens of applications so a generic cover letter will probably end up with your application being left at the bottom of the pile. Let them be aware of your passions and what you can offer the company. Be prompt, concise and don’t forget to be polite and mannerly.

Be social online

Keep your Linkedin up to date. As this is the ultimate social media for professionals, it is a fantastic resource for finding people in high positions who are responsible for a lot of hiring and firing. List your work experience, your obligations in working roles and responsibilities you upheld.

Don’t be scared to link up your social media profiles, they say a lot about you, and when people follow you on them, it can give them a sense of trust and accountability of how you carry yourself. Of course, this can do the total opposite if you post the wrong things so be careful! Work on building your audience but be relevant, consistent and try giving something of value to your followers, then watch your audience and brand awareness keep growing.

Master the art of networking

Don’t be a jerk, learn to network! You can never meet enough people, and you can also learn from anybody! You never know who knows who and you should aim to make a good first impression when you meet every new person, as there may come a time further down the line when they need you, or you need them. Attend all of the work meetings, social events and exhibitions that you are invited to and you will open up a lot of new doors and opportunities for yourself.

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Ways to get your dream internship

Be professional in emails

Get a professional domain name secured so you can look the part on your contact cards and email address. Note – info@johnsmith.com looks a lot more professional than coolcat123@gmail.com, we hope this makes sense! Make a personalized greeting and end your emails politely, speak to people with the same manners that you would use in person. Imagine reading an email that seems like a robot is talking to you; it’s quite off-putting! So avoid bad habits like that and add some color to your tone!

Although you are never guaranteed an internship, the more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. So get prepared for a few people saying no and don’t take it to heart, you will find something suitable for you with your new cheat sheet provided here!