Is going to an expensive school worth it?

Everyone has their own ambitions when coming out of high-school. Whether it’s going into a full-time job, getting an apprenticeship, or heading off to University, it’s essential that your goals are tailored to you and your happiness. This is your life, and your life only.

As much as earning a spot at one of the top colleges in the country is an exceptional achievement, these years of studies don’t come cheap.

If you’re still feeling unsure as to whether your costly college is worth the price, here are some things you need to ask yourself.

Is going to an expensive school worth it?

Are the college prospects worth it?

Just because your college might be sitting nicely at the top of the National rankings, it doesn’t mean it’s exactly right for you. Are the prospects of your course exceptional? What are the postgraduate job opportunities like? What is the national ranking of your course? There’s many different factors you need to take into consideration before you make the big decision, so make sure you weigh up whether the college is really as good as it says it is.

Can you genuinely afford it?

As you already know, college is far from cheap. You should take the time to sit down and calculate the exact expenditure of how much it is going to cost you with everything included – tuition fees, accommodation, cost of living, etc. It might be that you have to get a part-time job in order to financially support yourself. But remember, money isn’t everything, don’t let the price of college stand in the way of your dreams.

Have you limited your options?

The best colleges for you personally may not necessarily be the ones considered to be ‘the best’. There’s also plenty of different options other than college for you take too. If you have always had your hopes set on the elite schools, then maybe take a moment to see if there any other options that take your fancy. You might surprise yourself.

Is going to an expensive school worth it?

Are your priorities straight?

When weighing up your options, it is vital that you look long term into the future. Is the pricey cost going to be a huge burden on you in the future? Is it worth it? Is it only going to damage you and your wellbeing in the long run? Make sure you don’t misjudge your priorities. This is a big decision for you to make, so ensure that you think about this long and hard before making a wise choice.

What do YOU want to do?

As much as it is helpful to get advice from others, make sure this is your decision. What do you think is right for YOU? College may well be one of the first times in your life where you feel entirely free and independent, so start your experience right by trusting yourself and sticking to your guns with strength and pride. The opportunistic prosperity of college is next to none, so think about this sensibly and do what feels right for you as an individual.

Like we said before, money isn’t everything. Sometimes the best things in life cost the most, but just make sure you have worked out to the best of your abilities whether it is worth it or not. Theoretically, college is an investment in your future, so don’t go signing away anything without checking the small print first.