Important questions to ask on a college tour

Many of us will soon be heading off to tour our chosen colleges as we look for the perfect place to spend the next few years. While the talks are sure to cover a whole host of topics, there are some important questions to ask on a college tour to ensure you learn everything you need.

Why did they choose the school?

If you’re getting shown around by a fellow student, then this is the perfect time to ask what it was that drew them to the school in the first place. Be sure to find out if the initial attraction was met when they made it to the college or if they feel as though things looked a little different from the outside.


What are the popular majors?

This can be an important question if you already know what you want to choose as your major. If you’re going to study one subject, but most other people focus on another major, then there might not be too much funding or focus on your chosen topic. Plus, the popular majors could help to guide anyone who’s still deciding on their future. Sometimes, we could all do with a little inspiration.

Can you easily talk to the professors outside of class hours?

Just because we turn up to lectures and take our notes doesn’t mean that everything is going in. What happens if you don’t understand part of the class or you miss the lecture because you’re sick? Would you easily be able to contact the professor or meet up with them for some extra study sessions? Sure, we might not want to think about extra work, but it’s best to check before we need to know.

What is campus life really like?

The chances are that the colleges will want everyone to be on their best behavior when they have students looking around the school to make sure they come across as the best place to be. However, this might not be an accurate picture of what it’s really like. Thankfully, students will be able to tell us what campus life is really like when visitors aren’t around.

How are the dorms?

Some dorm rooms are better than others. Would you be able to cope with a dorm room that doesn’t live up to certain expectations? This can also be an opportunity to delve into the rest of dorm life. Do the majority of the students live in dorm rooms, or is it unusual for students to stay on campus? Plus, if most people look for alternative housing, then they might be able to point you in the right direction.


Is there a varied selection of clubs and activities?

Not all of us like the idea of socializing with strangers. However, heading off to college can bring out the social animal in many of us. It might not be long before you find yourself signing up to all kinds of clubs and activities as you meet new friends. Now is the time to find out if the college likes to offer up all sorts of activities for their students or if their selection is a little lacking.

Heading off to college can be an exciting time for many of us, and everyone’s experience is different. However, there are some key important questions to ask on your college tour that should hopefully help you to make informed decisions about your next step in life.