How to know if a gap year is necessary

The term ‘gap year’ has got a bad rep nowadays. Although some say it’s a pretentious way of announcing to the world that you’re a lazy student and in need of escaping the real-life responsibility of work and studying, for others, a gap year is an ambitious and rewarding way of broadening your horizons and setting yourself up for a better life when you eventually come back home. Either way, there’s plenty of reasons why a gap year could be right for you and your future plans.

However, going on a gap year isn’t for everybody. Sometimes it’s not necessary. It all depends on what you plan on doing, where you plan on going, and how you plan on spending your time. Here are some reasons why a gap year could be useful for you…


It can benefit your GPA

Some students worry that taking a gap year can harm your grades in the long run, but that thought is totally irrational. There’s been studies proving that the grades of gap-year students are actually significantly improved once they come back from their year out. Why? Because they’ve had the time to refresh, reboot, and re-energize their academic minds – which is especially the case if you take your year out before coming back for the dreaded uphill challenge of final year.

It can provide you with great experience

When we say experience, we mean experience in both a working environment and life itself. One drawback of being a student is that you can sometimes get somewhat complacent in the ‘student bubble’ – you avoid life outside college which ultimately sets you back from feeling ready to tackle life’s responsibilities when college finally ends. But a gap year can provide you with plenty of valuable opportunities, experiences, and life-skills, especially when it comes to feeling confident and prepared for your next stage as a post-grad.

You can make some money while you’re at it

We all know by now that students aren’t exactly the wealthiest people in the world, but gap years can help you make some well-needed money to boost your low bank balance. Of course, this is only the case if you use your time to work – backpacking across Asia is certainly no way to earn dollars. Instead, perhaps use your time to find an internship. This way you can earn and save money to go towards your student loan, all while gaining incredibly beneficial skills and experiences. Win-Win!


You can meet lots of people

Don’t get us wrong, a gap year isn’t supposed to be doom and gloom. We’re not suggesting you spend the year stuck in an office doing a job you don’t want to just for the sake of it. If you want to travel, then we don’t need to give you many reasons why it’s a good idea, because ‘traveling the world’ tends to speak for itself. You’ll meet a ton of great fellow-minded people to befriend and make memories with, and likewise, you’ll be expanding your social networking circle while you’re at it.

The number one rule – spend your time wisely. Consider what your end goal is. Do you want to see the world and come back ready to take on the next challenge at college? Do you want to proudly and responsibly earn some money? Or do you want to gain some experience in your chosen field of expertise? Whatever you decide, savor every second and make it count.