Start your semester better with these video channels

Any great student and many that came before them knows that the universal key to success in their student careers is the use of video channels. We’re sure a lot of people feel this way. When in high school we had no problems attending classes from early in the morning until early afternoon every day and then still managing to take part in extracurricular activities late into the afternoon as well. Then there is the matter of having to come home and endure the frustrated sighs and impatient attempts of your dad sitting you down at the dining room table trying to teach you fractions. In college and university however, a lot of us find it nearly impossible to attend an 8 a.m. lecture, never mind having to attend more than one lecture a day. So sure, we skip a few lectures here and there. Or maybe you do attend lectures and you just aren’t quite understanding the point the lecturer is trying to make. Or maybe you’re just one of the diligent ones who just really wants to learn. Any which way, there are a lot of video channels out there for each and every topic and no doubt one that is specifically catered to you. So to make your life easier, because the life of a student is hard enough without the added benefit of having to sift through poorly constructed video channels, here is a list of some of the best video channels to choose from:

Khan Academy

Now if you’re a student and you haven’t heard of Khan Academy before, we sincerely hope your obliviousness to the topic is entirely due to your nose being buried so deep in a library book you just couldn’t see the light. Khan Academy is a completely free and educational website covering a range of topics presented at multiple levels of understanding.

Crash Course

This is a YouTube channel presented by two brothers. Uploaded on their channel are short videos of them teaching subjects ranging from biology and chemistry to history and philosophy. Their main philosophy is to encourage learning in a fun and interactive environment. This site is perfect for the student who just wants to learn or even for the teacher who just wants to provide their students with a new way of learning.


Ted-Ed’s main area of focus are their original animated videos created by a multidisciplinary team ranging anywhere from educators to animators and screen writers to science writers. Ted- Ed was created for the sole purpose of sharing ideas to promote and enhance a contrasting way of thinking. Ted-Ed also creates a platform for teachers and lecturers to create lessons of their own to pass their knowledge down to all that are willing to learn.

Bonus: Quizlet:

Now Quizlet cannot be considered a video channel but as far as knowledge sharing platforms are concerned, it most certainly deserves to be up there with the best of them. Quizlet is a web-based application that makes use of flashcards with audio files, other various learning tools, and games. It can be considered by many as every student’s tried and tested study buddy.
So all we can say is get streaming. With a world of knowledge at your fingertips, there is no excuse to not truly know.