Things every good college application should include

Awaiting the reply for your college application may well be one of the most daunting waits you will experience. No matter how much time or effort you put in, the long wait can be unbearable. You’re anxious, you’re edgy, and you can’t stop going over what you could have said, or what you should or shouldn’t have said.

The truth is, there are a million things you could say, it’s just about being true to yourself and having belief in your own abilities. Here’s a few tips on what the very best applications should include.

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Honesty is the best policy. Forget about the potential of being caught out, they won’t necessarily fact check, but you should be honest with yourself and only include skills, experiences, and qualifications that you know you truly have. This will make you feel 100% confident in your application. Plus, admission officers tend to know when you’re exaggerating

What will you bring to their campus?

College is more than just studying and getting good grades. The very best applications will also demonstrate what you can bring to the college campus. Talk about what particular opportunities at the college interest you, what sports/extracurricular activities you exceed in, or what unique achievements you would love to accomplish there. You need to show how much you see your bright future with them.

Research your course

This is an important one. The application needs to show you’ve researched both the college and the course. Illustrate the effort you have put in, talk about particular classes they offer and put yourself within the mindfulness of the topics. How will your individual skills flourish? Are there any specific things you are excited about? Show them your fight. You know you have it in you.

Academic improvement

Of course grades are important, but what’s more important is showing improvement. A steady incline in academic performance shows you have willpower and you succeed when you challenge yourself. It’s about having passion and being self-motivated. That’s what they’re looking for — not just numbers.

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Get the experience

It’s more than just grades that make the best applications. If you have gained particular skills and experience in the industry, then you are likely to be a stronger candidate. Volunteer or find paid work in something attributed to the course or college. You need to show willingness and commitment to your studies. It’s about confidence, maturity and always aspiring for more.

Excellent recommendations

Most college applications require at least one reference. Whether it’s a teacher, a counselor or a tutor, having an exceptional recommendation letter can make a huge difference. Of course this part can be rather frustrating as what they include is mostly out of your control, but chose someone who is familiar and appreciates your abilities. Finding someone in your chosen field is always great too. This part is about them grasping what makes you special. So choose wisely!

Look, don’t fret. Whatever will be, will be. Take your time with the application so nothing is rushed and you can pinpoint what it is you want to say about yourself. I’m sure there are lots of things you could say so think about what it is that makes you the best candidate. However, what’s the most important thing? Give yourself some credit. You’re awesome, so let them know!