Things to pack for college that you don’t even know you need yet

All packed and ready to set out for college. Nothing could have been forgotten, there was a detailed checklist. But what about those items that didn’t make it onto the checklist? We have you covered. In this article, we have put together some items that you don’t even know you need yet.


Although it’s not the most fashionable accessory, it’s definitely a practical one. Keeping your keys and student card safely around your neck is a surefire way to not lose them in the chaos that is college life. If a set of keys is lost, say goodbye to them. With all the different classes, hallways, quads and an eating hall that are visited in a day, chances are slim that a student will get them back.

Things to pack for college that you don’t even know you need yet

Mini safe

It’s sad, but in today’s world, nobody can really be trusted. Even that friend of a friend who says he is super trustworthy. A safe will help to keep those valuables and important documents in your possession. Keep it as hidden as possible, don’t tell anyone about it, and only access it when you are alone.

Duct tape

Ah, the universal fixer. Duct tape can be the answer or at least a quick solution to many dorm life problems. Unfortunately, it can’t keep your life together when the stress of finals arrives, but it can keep the furniture, bags, and even some technology working for a bit longer when it really needs to.

Flash drive

This might seem like a no-brainer to some, but many of us would overlook this very important little piece of tech. Use this continually and keep backing up important work. Laptops crashing and not being able to recover files is a real thing and can ruin a whole year’s worth of work in the blink of an eye.

Water filter

The water on campus can’t always be trusted and what student has the money available to keep buying water? There are better things to spend it on. Instead of playing a dangerous game of wait and see by drinking the dorm water, get a water pitcher or bottle with a filter. This will give you peace of mind without spending a cent on water.

Things to pack for college that you don’t even know you need yet

Heating pad

A must-have for those who gym, play sports or are prone to cramps. Most pain meds can make us drowsy, and when there’s studying to do, that’s just not an option. Having a heating pad can be a major pain reliever or even just to warm us up and allow for studying without frozen fingers.

Shower caddy

This is different from the usual cosmetic or toiletry bag. This is a mesh bag that is big enough to hold all of the showering items and can go right into the shower. It dries really quickly and is made from hygienic materials that don’t breed mold. This one is just about as important as making sure to wear rubber flip flops in the shower.

College is an exciting time in our lives. In a sense, a gateway or bridge to the rest of our lives. Making sure that we can be as prepared as possible for dorm life can make a big difference to our stress levels when things get serious.