Most affordable college towns

Sometimes the colleges in our home towns don’t offer the degree we want, or maybe the facilities aren’t up to scratch. Whatever the reason is, many students move across the state or even across the country to find the right college. With student loan debt at a record high, and tuition costing what it does, many college seekers are wanting to find out where they can save money. Choosing a college in a city where the cost of living is affordable is a great option for students with financial constraints. Here is our list of the most affordable college towns.

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech University is a great school with a great reputation. In addition, the cost of living is 37% less than New York – we definitely have a winning combination here. A double or triple occupancy on campus will cost a mere $3680 per year. If living on campus isn’t really ideal then consider an off campus apartment at around $670 per month for a 1 bedroom place.

Most affordable college towns

Oklahoma City

Although the cost of housing is a bit on the high side in Oklahoma City, the overall cost of living is low and there is a really good job market. For students paying their own way through college, this is a big bonus. The cost of a room and boarding on the campus at Oklahoma City University is $8650 per year. If that option doesn’t work out, the average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in town is $850 per month.

Tucson, Arizona

Well known for taking a very practical approach to academics is the University of Arizona. This highly-rated public university has great programs in science, physics, and astronomy. The average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in Tucson is $705 and the yearly cost for a double occupancy spot on campus is only $6200.

Toledo, Ohio

The city of Toledo has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in because of the low cost of living. A single bedroom apartment can be rented for an average of $645 per month. The University of Toledo is well known for its great engineering and science programs. The college is also rather generous with merit scholarships. On-campus boarding at this great public institution will cost $11000 per year.

Most affordable college towns

Mobile, Alabama

The University of Southern Alabama is a state university that has a fantastic medical program. They have also produced some famous baseball players who have led professional careers in the sport. It is ranked as a good college. On-campus accommodation is only $7500 for a year. Looking for a place to stay nearby will cost an average of about $775 per month. Still pretty good.

Springfield, Missouri

Missouri State University is well known for its great academic programs in business management, marketing, and health professions. It’s ranked in the top 20% of colleges across the USA. What’s even better is that the price of living in Springfield is really low. The on-campus accommodations will set a student back by $8755 per academic year, including meals. Off-campus boarding of a 1 bedroom apartment can be found for as little as $595 per month.

As you can see, college is possible on a tight but reasonable budget. With proper research and enough information, making an informed decision doesn’t have to be so difficult.