The best college towns in America

When you’re preparing to take the next step in your life and head off to college, it is important to look at the town your prospective college is located near or in. This is very important because there will be many times when you will want to leave the campus and hit the town. Whether it’s for a night out with the boys or girls or a quiet outing to reflect on yourself, the town you will potentially be staying in or near isn’t a decision you should make hastily.

Let us look at some of the best college towns in the United States.

Boulder, Colorado

With Colorado having a reputation of being hip and healthy, Boulder regularly gets voted as America’s best outdoor town, the town for foodies, the top city for artists, and the brainiest town. It is quite small compared to other places on this list. However, it does have hundreds of miles of bike paths. Many consider Boulder to have the perfect mix of students, as well as post-graduate livability.

The best college towns in America

Ann Arbor, Michigan

An interesting statistic about Ann Arbor is that almost one in two residents are students during the school year. This alone will tell any future student that Ann Arbor is a great place to call home. While many people will tell you that Ann Arbor is all about football, there is plenty more to do than watch sweaty teams throw a ball around and tackle each other. There are plenty of bars, museums, and parks. Ann Arbor also boasts of being the home of Google’s AdWords offices as well as those of Toyota. There are plenty of job opportunities here as well.

Ithaca, New York

Many people are set on living in or close to the Big Apple. Ithaca is another great town in New York State that you might want to take a closer look at. Because half of the population consists of students during the school year, Ithaca boasts of many local student gatherings as well as a bolstering nightlife. While Ithaca may not be the biggest town on this list, it has a very talented and diverse music scene to enjoy throughout the year.

Berkeley, California

“California, here we come,” is a line from a famous song by the indie band Phantom Planet that many students sing fondly as they make their way to Berkeley. Berkeley is famous for being very progressive; so be prepared to see many rallies and a lot of activism. It is home to very affordable gourmet food options and artisans. It also has a thriving music and arts scene. Berkeley is a great place to live in for the technologically inclined as well as the young in body and heart.

The best college towns in America

Athens, Georgia

Athens is a great college town, that is known for its long-time affiliation with art and music, raising famous indie band such as R.E.M, The B-52’s and Indigo girls.

So when it is time to spread your wings and fly away to college, make sure that you will choose a school that comes with a great community around it.