Best jobs to get during summer break

When the joys of summer break come around, spare a thought for the students who after finishing their studies then go on to earn a wage too. A part-time job not only gives you the opportunity to make some money, but the beneficial work experience on your resume will all start to add up too!

If you’re looking to get some extra cash in your pocket to spend on the wahoos of summer, then there are plenty of different options for you to consider. Here are the best jobs for you to apply for:

Food server

Working as a food waiter is another job with an unfairly bad rep. Sure the hours can be unsociable, and in busy times you will be rushed off your feet, but again, the experience is fantastic! If you find a bar or restaurant with a friendly young team to join, then your job with them can become like a second family. On top of all this, earning great tips can massively pack out your wallet too!

Best jobs to get during summer break

Sales associate

Retail is one of the best ways for you to build on your customer service skills, and this is always a great experience to put on your resume. Although working as a sales associate to demanding customers may be infamously testing on your patience, retail really isn’t as bad as what it’s sometimes made out to be. Plus, store discounts are always a great incentive when you want a new summer outfit.

Camp counselor

If you see yourself as a bit of an outdoorsy person, then working as a camp counselor is the perfect job for you. You also need to be a great motivational leader, attentive, and enjoy spending time with children. If this sounds like you, then there are plenty of different opportunities waiting for you. Taking on the responsible role of a camp counselor is a worthy thing to take on. It’ll do wonders to your portfolio, benefitting your future career more than you realize.


Although the wage for paid internships may not be high, they are a brilliant option for you if you want to get some experience behind you in time for post-college life. There are plenty of different opportunities out there for you to research, so if you have an idea of what career pathway you may want to take, then you should seriously consider becoming an intern in the field or industry of your liking.


Spending time with a cute furry friend? Getting paid for it? SOLD. One of the most enjoyable jobs you can have over summer is becoming a local pet-sitter or dog walker for those who need their pet looking after – whether they’re away on vacation or they simply need someone to pet-sit while they’re at work. This experience would be especially beneficial if you want to start a career in animal care.

Best jobs to get during summer break


They say the best method of learning is to teach someone else, so if you fancy yourself as a little mini-teacher, why not take on the role as a summer tutor. It’ll be extremely rewarding to both you and your student, and you can always focus on the subject(s) you are particularly good at.

It won’t be long until your studies have finished and you’ll be having to work the 9-5. So however much you may dream of having a prolonged summer of debauched freedom without the ties of responsibilities, unfortunately, that just isn’t the real world. Nab yourself a little summer job and get a head start.