Best movie soundtracks for studying

Studying can be a bit monotonous after a few hours. If you’re studying by yourself, the quiet can get overbearing. On the other hand, if you’re trying to study in a loud or busy place like a cafe, the sounds around you can be distracting. A good solution for many students is to put on their headphones and push play.

A lot of students like to listen to music while studying to help them focus. However, it can be very distracting for many people to listen to songs with lyrics – the words make it hard to focus on reading or writing. Instead, many people prefer to listen to instrumental music or a good movie soundtrack while they’re studying. Listening to an epic movie soundtrack gets them motivated and makes homework seem fun. It can drown out the background noise and make the hours of studying pass much more quickly.

Here are some of the best movie soundtracks to help you stay focused.

1. Grand Budapest Hotel

The soundtrack for this movie has a folk song feel to it and it is quite laid back. The soundtrack ranges from quirky stomps and it isn’t monotonous sounding. It is a long soundtrack and very suitable for a long study session.

2. Pulp Fiction

The soundtrack for Pulp Fiction has a blend of old-school funk, surf rock, and country, which makes it an eclectic compilation. Late night study sessions will benefit greatly from this soundtrack. The movie’s audio excerpts will wake you up if you doze off.

3. TRON: Legacy

Daft Punk created the soundtrack to the virtual world of TRON: Legacy. Their cohesive combination of electronic dance music and traditional movie scoring keeps you engaged and awake. It’s sort of an orchestral piece with some EDM influence.

4. Inception

Hans Zimmer captures the moody atmosphere of the movie Inception with this music. The soundtrack feels intense throughout the movie. It keeps you focused as it is a purely instrumental piece.

5. Amelie

The soundtrack to this quirky French film is whimsical and elevates the mood while studying. The movie flows with the accordion playing in the background, which keeps your mind focused, and the composition is lovely to hear.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

When you find yourself awake at two in the morning trying to finish a project or studying for a test, the soundtrack to this movie will keep you awake through the hours to help you power through. The soundtrack is a collection of the ’70s hits that include sing-along choruses.

7. Forrest Gump

The piano and string music in the soundtrack by Alan Silvestri can get stuck in your head. It is a good choice for a late night study session. It relaxes and calms the mind and keeps you in the mode for studying.

8. Frances Ha

The Frances Ha soundtrack is something you can listen to when you need a break after a monotonous or tiring round of studying. It has tracks like Every 1’s a Winner and David Bowie’s Modern Love, which are known to lift your spirits and gives you an impromptu dance break.