Celebrities who taught at college

The title of this blog probably sounds like a pitch for a TV series when you first read it, but imagine being able to walk into class and seeing one of your most loved (or hated) celebrities teaching the class! Well for some students, that has actually happened in real life, and they were taught by some people you would never have expected. Some celebrities have a solid academic background, and we are going to showcase some of them for you here. Would you be able to concentrate on what they were saying if your new professor was one of the people on this list?

Kanye West

We first got to introduced to Kanye West in the mainstream back in 2003. His nickname was the college dropout, but just because he dropped out doesn’t mean he has no shareable knowledge to teach. In 2014, Kanye was teaching classes at Los Angeles Trade Technical College to students about the fashion industry. He certainly knows a thing or two about high fashion, but he only taught the students because it was part of his community service obligations for attacking the paparazzi!

Tyra Banks

Tyra first saw fame as a highly successful model, before launching and hosting the TV show America’s Next Top Model. So she definitely doesn’t have the time to teach biochemistry anytime soon, but she appeared as a guest lecturer at Stanford in May 2017. Only 25 lucky graduate students were allowed to take the class, and it was all about how to create a personal brand and how to protect it.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey co-taught with Stedman Graham; who was her partner at the time. They were accompanied by a lot of security to a Northwestern University in 1999 to give the students a lecture they’ll never forget! The course was to teach students about ‘’Dynamics of Leadership’’, something Oprah surely knows all about!

John Cleese

The comedic genius and brains behind Monty Python, John Cleese was a professor at Cornell University, aptly teaching pupils about the art of comedy, film and the writing process of both. John is still reported to still make appearances on Cornell Campus.

Angelina Jolie

Arguably the most beautiful woman in the world, she attended the London School of Economics in March 2017. The prestigious institution seems to recognise the worth in this woman’s skills; we’re sure she left a lot of the college students inspired by the great work she does in the many charitable causes she backs. Angelina assisted on a Master’s course about women, world peace and security. We just know everybody would have payed close attention when she spoke, it’s not every day you get Angelina Jolie lecturing you for a whole hour!

Who would you pick as your dream tutor? It would be so hard to choose just one! But imagine how cool it would be if you get to experience a lecture from a celeb this coming semester, stranger things have happened, after all.