Cool dorm room tour videos you should check out

One of the most exciting things about college is living in dorms Although it can be daunting moving away from home, there’s nowhere better for you to go. You’re surrounded by people in the same boat as you, and you finally have a place to call yours. Well, unless you’re bunking with someone else, which is often the case. If you’re about to start your college experience and you aren’t sure what to expect from dorms, perhaps these room tour videos will give you an idea.

University of California

YouTube star CloeCouture gave fans a glimpse of her UCLA dorm room back in 2016, and it was everything. Although she refers to it as small, we think it’s the perfect size for any freshman leaving home for the first time. Plus, she has the space all to herself, which isn’t usually the norm.

Her comfy dorm room is decked out with all the furniture you’d expect – bed, desk, wardrobe, drawers, etc. – with plenty of little touches to make the area more personal. She invested in a fluffy white rug and funky light fixture to brighten up the room, as well as a purple tapestry to add some color to the walls. If you’re worried that a dorm room won’t have the storage space you need for your clothes, then this video should calm your worries. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a student with such a large wardrobe before!

Cool dorm room tour videos you should check out

Arizona State University

Keaton Milburn, who attends Arizona State University, is another YouTuber who’s shared an insight into her college dorm on the video site. As a member of Alpha Phi, Milburn lives in her sorority’s dorm, so this might be what you can expect if you also make it into your college’s respective sorority.

With a room slightly larger than CloeCouture’s, Milburn’s dorm has a somewhat subdued color scheme, but there’s a lot to take note of in here. Take her fridge, for instance. It’s not often you get one of those in a dorm, but Milburn couldn’t resist buying it when she saw it in Urban Outfitters. It definitely saves having to go to the kitchen when you want a snack.

The YouTuber was fortunate that she didn’t have to share with a roommate, although she was initially supposed to. So, with the added space, she turned the second bed into a couch for a comfortable living area. The two beds are separated by her desk and her makeup table, complete with a light-up mirror so Milburn can feel glamorous every time she puts on her face.

University of Kansas

Last up is YouTuber Laura Richey who gave a tour of her University of Kansas dorm room in June 2018. Unlike the other girls in this post, Laura did have a roommate, but the two made good use of the space.

The most notable feature of Richey’s dorm was the hammock she had hanging under her lofted bed. It provided a comfortable seat for her or her friends to use when they didn’t want to lounge in bed. Plus, it added a touch of style to the room, especially with the string of lights that hung above it.

Cool dorm room tour videos you should check out

The rest of the tour is a very standard affair, with all the furniture that you’d expect from a dorm room. However, it’s the little things that Richey added to make the space more personal that really makes the video stand out. From her collage of photos on the wall to the faux marble cover she added to her desk, this is one freshman who knew how to make the most of the space she was given.

Going to college is every bit as exciting as it is terrifying, but one thing you shouldn’t worry about is your dorms. You won’t know what to truly expect until you get there, but all these videos should give you tips on how to make the space your own.