The fascinating secrets of famous universities

Universities are some of the oldest institutions in the world, and they provide us with such wonderful education and information. If you are looking to further yourself and become a part of higher education, it’s vital that you go to university. Choosing the right college, and being part of the college experience are so important that we would recommend as many people as possible try to do this.

Some universities have more prestige and more of a positive reputation than others. But, there are so many stunning places out there that you know so little about. In fact, there are some stunning secrets out there you never knew about certain universities. These are some of the lesser-known secrets about some of our best-known universities.

The fascinating secrets of famous universities

Harvard’s library can’t be altered

Widener Library is the hallmark library of Harvard and was named after 1907 Harvard graduate Harry Widener. After his death, his mother donated $3.5 million for the university to build a library in his name – the one condition being that they weren’t allowed to alter it in any way, if they did, the library would become the property of the city. Of course, over time this became trickier, as Harvard needed to house more books, and expand as a result. Because they weren’t allowed to make any changes to the exterior, or expand the property, they had to get creative. This led to them having to get creative and dig tunnels in order to accommodate the new books – clever!

Boston University has a castle!

No joke, Boston University has a castle in the grounds, and that’s pretty much reason to go alone, right! It turns out this castle has a pub inside it, which serves tasty, frothy ales, and delicious food. So, you can head here and imagine you’re in medieval times, as you take a seat and indulge in some tasty beer. They even have an awesome Knight’s Challenge here, which requires participants to drink all 50 beers stocked by the pub, and claim a free chalice as a prize! Well, we don’t know about anyone else, but you can certainly sign us up, as quickly as possible!

Tufts University offers free movies

Hold off on buying that theater pass just yet you can save the money for beer! At Tufts University you will be able to enjoy movies for free, every week. In fact, head to Barnum Hall; every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and you will be able to enjoy some great movies for free on the big screen. And, as if that wasn’t good enough, they don’t show the same movies twice, so you’re always going to be able to enjoy fresh and original content, with no worry about repeats.

The fascinating secrets of famous universities

These are just a few of the cool secrets we managed to uncover about some of the best-known universities in the country. We’re sure there are plenty of other university secrets and plenty of other colleges with some cool facts attached to them. We think these rank as some of the coolest facts, and they tell us plenty that we didn’t already know about these cool universities. Mind, officially, blown.