Educational things that you can do during your college summer vacation

College summer vacations can seem like the longest breaks, yet go by in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful. While laying in bed for hours a day to catch up on all the lost sleep from partying can seem like a fantastic idea, would you really not love to find a way to enjoy yourself by doing something? And what if that something was also helping you to learn?


There are plenty of organizations that will be grateful to anyone willing to offer their time. It could be a local shelter, retirement home, or coaching a local sports team. Not only will you earn a great deal of pride from helping out others, but you may also find yourself learning a thing or two. Whether you learn things you never knew about animal care or long-lost stories of the past, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the world around you by dedicating some time to others.

Educational things that you can do during your college summer vacation


An internship is a brilliant way to learn about a local business or to get an insight into the career you are studying towards. For example, there are plenty of clerk internships for anyone looking for a job in law or interning at a media studio if you want to pursue a life on TV or the radio. Not only will you be able to learn about how the company works, but you could also make contacts for the future, or get offered a full-time position for later down the line.

Learn a new skill

Perhaps there is a skill you have always wanted to learn? Maybe a new language, or how to bake a particular dish? Well, there is no better time to learn than having weeks off to yourself! You could expand your mind by teaching yourself, or join a summer or evening class to meet new people while exploring the possibilities of knowledge on offer. Plus, you’ll be able to show off your new skills when you head back to class in the fall!

Camp counsellor

Heading to a season at camp can extremely beneficial. Taking the job means you could see some extra money coming in, while still having fun. You could also end up meeting some new friends on your time away. But importantly you can learn the skills and empathy needed to become the perfect camp counselor. As well as this you could also find yourself learning some incredible ways of life due to the diverse individuals that attend camps each year.

Educational things that you can do during your college summer vacation

Join a club

A club is a brilliant way to pursue your hidden passion while getting to enjoy it surrounded by people that share your love! Joining a movie club, a sports club, or even a knitting club can help to expand the knowledge you have already. It will also help to keep you in the swing of learning as you use your weeks off to have fun while doing so. Checking on local noticeboards or online can throw up some interesting ones to try, and you may even join a club you never thought you would love!

It may be very tempting just to write off the summer months to take a break, but there are so many wonderful things that you could be doing – why waste a minute? There are plenty of ways that you could be expanding your horizons with your spare time. College is often thought to be one of the best times of your life so it would be awful to look back with regrets. And they say you regret what you didn’t do!