How to maintain relationships with your college friends

This is a part of life that all students will have to endure at some stage in their current life. You are suddenly all thrust into a world of the unknown with a complete set of strangers, then four years pass and these strangers are now a bunch of your best friends that you don’t want to live without.

It can seem daunting saying goodbye to such close friends that you have shared so much with; the highs, the lows and everything in between! We get it, so here is why we have provided some insight to make sure you and your close friends can stay in touch regardless of where life may take you all on your next adventures.

Modern technology

Use every device possible to keep in touch with each other; thankfully we have so many different apps and technology to keep in touch with each other, that it’s effortless to touch base with one another. If there is a group of you, try making a group chat on a device or network that suits all of you. This way everybody can be kept in the loop on what your besties have been up to.

Make it part of your routine

Life will always pull us in different directions, and we can’t take everybody with us (sigh), but we can still talk! Instead of letting the weeks, months or even worse… years pass by, just put a reminder in your schedule for those special people. We can make habits or break them, so make a habit of being in touch and break any routines of not speaking to the ones who occupy your thoughts.

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Make it part of your routine

Make plans together

Make plans that you and all of your friends can enjoy; even if it’s just once a month, it will give you all that quality time that is essential among BFFs. Obviously, you won’t have the same amount of time that you once had for a social life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen on a regular basis. Besides, making plans and setting them in stone means you will most likely stick to them, instead of the ‘’I’ll do it tomorrow attitude.’’

FaceTime and Skype

We did mention this part earlier in the article, but the beauty of using Skype and FaceTime is the fact you can actually see and hear each other. This is a lot better than reading texts or posting on somebody’s wall and leaves for a much more personal/ intimate experience between you and your special college buddies.

Remember the little things

If you see something that reminds you of a friend that you are missing, post it on their wall or send them a Snapchat of that particular moment. What sounds like little effort will mean so much to your close friends that you took the time to express their value to you. Such things go along way in friendships, do it whenever you can.

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Remember the little things

From this moment on in your life, it is all about conditioning and adapting to your new environments. You will survive and look back on everything with a smile, no matter how terrible it feels parting ways with loved ones, just remember to remember the good times.