How to pay for college without taking a student loan

Willingness to learn and educate yourself is one part of the struggle but being able to pay for such things it is the most significant challenge most students face. Wanting to pursue a passion and build on your future is something we should all have the right too, and imagine if you could do it without racking up lots of student fees and debt in the process.

Not everybody is lucky enough to get a trust fund from their parents or be offered a scholarship, even looking for a suitable grant can be tricky due to contending with so many other students. The good news is it’s not over yet; there are different ways you can fund your way through college without ever needing a loan.

Strike a pose!

You don’t have to have A-list good looks to be considered for modeling work in your local area; you should check out Craigslist or other regional castings for modeling work with music artists or local advertisements. Checking the local campus newsletter and boards will also open up some opportunities for you. A great thing about bit-playing, being an extra, or modeling, is the working hours can be flexible, and it’s usually well paid. This type of work is an excellent way to network, and you will most likely have good fun doing it too! Try looking for photography students in college to help you build up a portfolio and use the cash to help support yourself.

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How to pay for college without taking a student loan


If you don’t ask in this life, you don’t get, and crowdfunding is a great way to source an income for free. You will be protected and not have to pay anybody back (as they’ve given it to you as a kind of gift), but you will with your student fees.

This will take some campaigning, careful planning, and blogging, but this is a very common way for people to get things funded now, so why should you miss out? If it is for a good cause you may be surprised how many people are willing to support you toward your goals. You will need to practice your marketing skills, and we implore you to have a right level of patience when sourcing a crowdfund, think of this idea not as a quick fix but a long-term solution.

Become an interviewer

Use your people skills and knowledge of the college to become an interviewer for new potential college candidates. You can also interview people applying for jobs on campus or written publications; these things are never-ending in college life so it would be wise to get your piece of the pie. Most college systems pay interviewers by the hour or for every person interviewed. Over time, your reputation will build up and get to work on your professional people skills too, while making some much-needed cash.

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How to pay for college without taking a student loan

Dance your heart out

This one is a bit more of an acquired skill but if you can dance then why not become a dance teacher for other students? You can earn double that of a minimum-wage paying job. Those savings can then help you pay for college and keep you fit and healthy at the same time, double win!

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How to pay for college without taking a student loan

Use your summer wisely

Get involved in the summer camps and open up the doors to a possibility of attending your favorite university without being broke or hard for cash. Summertime means you will have much more free time to focus on earning extra money and help pay for your tuition fees and will also be a positive addition to your resume for future job applications.

You can also find other part-time or temp-work during the summer months and try to boost your savings for the turn of each new semester. Planning ahead is your best weapon when thinking of your education and future employment. Utilize our suggestions, and your dream education won’t seem so far away after all.