Should you shave your beard before a job interview?

Beards are now a staple look for the modern man. In fact, most men aspire to grow their beard to the best of their ability. It’s kinda like when a peacock displays his feathers. However, it’s no longer the bigger, the better. Trimmed, tidy and neat is now the way forward. Beard envy is a serious matter.

However, a beards relationship with the workplace has always been a bit of a controversial one. Although having facial hair has become totally socially acceptable and a completely normal look to have, some people find having a beard in the workplace inappropriate and unprofessional. They say interviews especially should be a time when beards are a no-go. What do you think?

Here are some arguments for both sides of the debate.


Why should you get the razor out?

Traditionalism asks men to be completely clean shaven. It was the smart, most respectable way to look for a long time. Some beards can often look rather scruffy, especially if your facial hair is not quite as maturely sprouted as your fellow beard wearers. You do quite often see underwhelming chin whiskers or mustaches which generally look improper and simply unflattering. If your beard isn’t quite up to scratch, consider going clean-shaven to look fully dapper.

Is your employer looking for clean-shaven?

If your job is on the corporate side of things, then the chances are that your company will value appearance and formality anyway. This means it will probably be in their guidelines that you always need to consciously make an effort with your dress code and appearance. This means no bushy and over the top beards at all. Financial, governmental, and medical professions are the most likely disciplines to have these stricter guidelines, so do your research! You don’t want it to cost you the job.

Should you just keep it nice and tidy?

Not all professions make it necessary for you to shave your beard. Jobs in disciplines such as journalism, manufacturing, and technology will more than likely be very relaxed when it comes to your appearance and the facial hair that comes with it. However, for an interview, it is always best to make sure you are looking trim and proper. You’ll be much more likely to impress this way! Get yourself to the barbers and ask them to neaten and shape what you have. Just make sure it’s no longer than a day or two before the big day. Good beard oils don’t go amiss either.


Why should you embrace the fuzz?

Let’s face facts, beards look good. They can turn a boy into a man in just a few short weeks. Whether it’s a mustache, a goatee, a little bit of stubble or a full on bush, a bit of hair contouring around the chin can do a man’s complexion a world of good. As long as you dress up in your finest formal attire, then your appearance will be good to go. Plus, a beard really does go well with a suit and tie.

To sum up, you need to take the rules of your specific employer into considerations. All company values are different, and all job roles have different requirements in how you should present yourself. So be sensible and prioritize your interview over your appearance. Sometimes life is about compromise, even if it does mean shaving it off and looking twelve years old again.