Study tips from Hermione Granger

If there is anyone that you want to take study tips from, it is Hogwarts’ own brain box, Hermione Granger. Sure, you might not be taking Herbology or Defence Against the Dark Arts, but the principals are just the same if you are swapping potions for science, and spells for geography. Here are some tips from the bookworm herself that you can use in your own studies.

Don’t leave things to the last minute

How many times did Hermione scold Harry and Ron for leaving their work until the last minute? Hermione barely waited until the work was assigned before checking out the reading, and although we are not suggesting that you spend the summer break reading your equivalent of Hogwarts: A History, you could always stand to get a little heads up on the assigned reading.

Don’t panic

Whether you’re defeating You-Know-Who or trying to master calculus, the worst thing you can do is panic. Work on staying calm and focused, and you can achieve anything. Interestingly, Hermione always seemed more flustered when studying for an exam than she did when she was faced with dark wizards – go figure!

Study tips from Hermione Granger

Prioritize and balance your time

If Hermione hadn’t had such crazy friends in Harry and Ron, she might have ended up spending every day and night in the library doing nothing but studying. As important as it is to study, it’s equally important to have a break. Although we don’t recommend fighting dark wizards, if you want to head out with some friends, that’s okay too – just make sure you have balance and time for both.

It’s okay to ask for help

Even the brightest wizard of her age knew that sometimes we need to ask for help. When she took on too many subjects in her third year, it was McGonagall that helped her by giving her the time turner. Although we can’t guarantee that your professors will have a time turner for you, they may be able to help in other ways.

Choose a study group

Harry and Ron were not the most motivated students, and quite often Hermione had to fight against the tide to study on her own. It can help a lot to have smart friends by your side who are equally as motivated as you are and are willing to help each other in your quest for smarts.

Study tips from Hermione Granger

Teaching others is a great way to learn

Research shows that when we explain something to other people, we retain it better, and so some of Hermione’s success could be attributed to how often she had to explain everything to Harry, Ron and other members of their class! It might help you to offer to help others, or practice explaining concepts to them, to help them ingrain in your mind.

Even Hermione herself says that book smarts are not the most important thing in life, and she is right. Study hard, work at everything you do and aim high, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself to excel. You are not defined by your grades alone, and there are so many other important things that make you who you are. Go get ‘em, Hermione!