Things Hollywood always gets wrong about college

College – the time in our lives filled with cute sweatpants, drinking lattes on campus, and heading to the latest parties every night, right? Well, it turns out there are some things Hollywood always gets wrong about college after all.

There’s a big guy

Over the years, we have seen many popular kids at college thanks to Hollywood. These seem to be the ones who know every professor and have spoken to nearly every other student on campus. The reality? This isn’t usually the case. While there are often people who are better known than others, there are usually thousands of students, and it’s almost impossible for everyone to know one person out of them all.

Cliques are a thing

Of course, no college drama would be complete without a clique. The popular ones from the sports team, and the bookworms from the goth kids. It seems as though there is no end to them all! Sure, we are more likely to meet people with the same interest, but that doesn’t mean the campus is divided by what you like and don’t like. It turns out that cliques really aren’t as big a deal as the big screen has made us believe all these years.

Spring break is… Spring break

Hands up if you’ve seen a Hollywood hit about spring break? The chances are they involved hundreds of teens all dancing in their swimsuit on a beach with a red plastic cup in their hand and a glowstick in the other. Although there are huge parties all around the world, most students are merely reminded that their college tuition just about stretches to cover a takeout pizza, and not flights to the hottest destinations with the biggest artists as the headliners.

You only meet people at parties

It seems as though college is non-stop partying as we drift from a toga party to a kegger before ending up at a rave. We hate to say it, but Hollywood might have got this one wrong, too. Some people make it their college mission to attend as many parties as possible, but this is the minority and not the majority. While you might find yourself at a party or two along the way, the chances are that you’ll spend most of your weekends on an all-night Netflix binge or catching up on some much-needed sleep.

Only nerds go to lectures

Many of us have seen the typical Hollywood students who are always at the front of the class. However, it turns out that showing up to lectures is a pretty important part of going to college. Believe it or not, but many students have learned how to have a good time while still getting an education – even if that does mean missing out on many hours of sleep along the way.

While Hollywood has been busy painting its own picture of college, it turns out that they might have got a few things wrong along the way. Thankfully, heading off to college isn’t as scary as it once seemed thanks to the big screen.