How is it to be an undergraduate in your mid-20s

If you’ve ever watched any American college comedy, like, ever, you’ll know that all of the new, Freshmen meat are always perfectly skinny, perfectly muscular 18-year-olds. They’re fresh out of high school, they’re fresh out of their summer in Thailand working with injured elephants, they’re freshly tan, and they’re ready to get their party on. But where are the mid-20-year-old students at? Well, they’re probably being mistaken for professors, because that kinda happens a lot. However, despite the stereotype, there are hundreds of more mature students (figuratively and literally) at college, and here are the signs that you’re an undergraduate in your mid-20s.

You will always choose schoolwork over a party

Let’s be honest; if you’re 25 years old, there’s a high chance you’ve already had that ‘party stage’ in your life. Yep, you went out every night and drank drinks that were probably very dangerous concoctions, you’ve stayed out until 7 am the next morning, and you might have even been arrested for doing something cray at a party (although we hope not). So, when you have the chance to actually better your life or spend a few hours around people you have nothing in common with – you’re probably gonna choose the schoolwork.

Your wardrobe is very different

As an undergraduate in your mid-20s, there is a high chance that you’re studying alongside a full-time or part-time job – because y’know, there are bills to be paid and responsibilities to be had. Because of this, your wardrobe will be VERY different to all of the other people in your class. While all of the girls will be wearing their brand new yoga pants (although they don’t do yoga) and their fresh new sneakers (even though they’ll be sat down for four hours), you’ll be looking suave in your work clothes that definitely don’t involve skin-tight pants.

How is it to be an undergraduate in your mid-20s

You will always be the teacher’s pet

If you’re choosing to go to college after what was arguably the ‘right time’ to go, there’s a chance that there is something inside of you that wants to make up for lost time and prove that you are just as intelligent as those that have just come out of education. This means that you are not ashamed to be the teacher’s pet and that you’ll actually strive to be the best student in your class. Because why not? You’re paying for college, and you’re darned well going to get your money’s worth.

You might not fit in, and that’s okay

Although you’re super stoked to get back into education after a few years off, there is probably a chance that you’re scared about making friends. After all, it’s like the first day of kindergarten all over again! As you’re a little older, it may be hard for you to fit in with the younger generation – and that’s totally okay. As long as you find your groove and find a few people that will be able to calm your nerves and study with you, you just need to do you. Don’t worry about the young ones.

9am starts won’t be an issue for you

When you turn up to your all-day study session in the library, you might hear all of the younger students complaining about their 9 am lectures and how they can’t even imagine getting up that early – but this just shows that you’ll be at an advantage. After working full-time for the last few years, you’re used to waking up even earlier than necessary to get the job done – so 9 am is actually a lie in. It’s a treat.

How is it to be an undergraduate in your mid-20s

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts as an undergraduate in your mid-20s, you need to remember that you’re bettering your life and obtaining your degree! So just embrace it!