Workouts you can easily squeeze into your day during spring break

Spring break is on the horizon so most of us will be dropping everything and spending an obscene amount of time chilling out. Heading away somewhere hot, maybe to the beach for spring break is a decision many of us make, but does that mean we should stop exercising? No, there are still ways you can fit a workout routine into your break, all from the comfort of your hotel room. Just a quick ten-minute session can keep time spent sweating to a minimum, before getting back to that all-important downtime.

Luggage lifts

You know when you travel and can’t be bothered unpacking your suitcase? Well, that may work in your favor as the more weight you have in your bags, the heavier the resistance will be in this workout. You can jerk lift the luggage as if it were a weight bar, or with the aid of a chair, lift it using the handle to work your triceps. Be careful to keep your back straight, you don’t want to put yourself on the injury list while your friends are splashing around in the water.

Side planks

Side planks are a simple way to work your obliques without the need for much space. If you packed your yoga mat then you can use that; otherwise, a towel will come in handy. They also help to improve your balance, which might be useful after a few too many cocktails in the sun.

Mountain climbers

Requiring no equipment, mountain climbers are a rare exercise that works almost every muscle group and simultaneously gets your heart rate going. Mountain climbers require you to start in a plank position, keep your abs tucked in and then alternately pull your right and left knees to your chest. You can increase or reduce the frequency to suit your ability.

Russian twists

Russian twists are a great workout for your core muscles. They require little space and can even be done in bed, an ideal workout for anyone feeling particularly lazy. To perform a Russian twist, sit in a v-shape, with your legs elevated and twist your torso from side to side. You can increase the difficulty by holding something heavy in your hands, maybe reuse your luggage for this one.


Such an intense workout that doing a few sets of burpees in your hotel room will burn so many calories you’ll be so happy for enduring them you can make a guilt-free beeline for the all-you-can-eat buffet. You might need a sit down for a while first. Burpees require you to start in a push-up position, then bring your feet to your hands, followed by a vertical leap in the air and finally back to your starting position.

Wall sits

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skip leg day! Anywhere you can find a wall you can do wall sits. Working your glutes, thighs and lower abs, they are perfect for making you hobble around like you’ve done leg day at the gym. Just keep your back flat against a wall and slowly lower yourself down and back up again, easy right?

That’s it then, there’s no reason to miss out on a workout just because you’re away for spring break. You won’t even need to bring any extra equipment, all of these workouts require your standard holiday belongings and nothing else, well maybe clearing a little bit of space otherwise you could end up in a heap on the floor.