6 differences between high school and college

If you are about to finish high school and are going to take on the next chapter in your life by entering college, you will likely have to deal with an adjustment phase, which can be pretty hard at times.

High school and college are vastly different experiences that teach us different things. In college, one must become a responsible decision maker and learn to be independent. Earning good grades in college can be a bit difficult in comparison to high school as well, and you have to maintain a balance between studying and having fun. This article will deal with six differences between high school and college.

1. Choosing your classes

The first and foremost difference lies in academics. In high school, you cannot choose most of your subjects, whereas in college you are free to choose classes according to your own will. The criteria for classes vary in college as compared to high school. Even though attendance is not always taken in college classes, going to class is a must, and you have to study effectively on your own to achieve good marks.

2. Independence

In college, you are independent, responsible, and free from the outer world. You learn to make decisions for yourself, whereas in high school, a student’s activities are guided and monitored by their school and their parents. In college, you have to manage the time for everything on your own.

6 differences between high school and college

3. Making new friends

Student life also revolves around friends and relationships. In high school, you already know who your friends are, after spending so many years together. But, when it comes to college, for some students it might be challenging to leave old friends behind and step ahead on your own. You will meet new people from all over the world and need to open up and be ready to make new friends and establish new relationships.

4. Figure out your values

Values play an important role in a student’s life. While in high school, students follow their parents’ values, and usually make decisions based on the family’s morals, culture, and tradition. As you step into the next chapter of your life, you will come across friends with different morals, values, cultures, and traditions. College will provide you with an exposure to diversity and new ideas.

6 differences between high school and college

5. Motivate yourself

Motivation is the key to your success in college. During high school, you were motivated by your parents and teachers to participate in academics as well as co-curricular activities. In college, however, you are your own motivator. You have to encourage yourself to participate and achieve your goals.

6. Learn through experience

While in high school, you learn primarily through books. In college, however, you will begin to learn through practical experiences and get an exposure to new, hands on situations.

We know you thought that high school was hard, but unfortunately it was just the beginning. College is a whole different phase in life regarding education and your personal growth, so take your best shot and aspire to achieve everything you wish for.