Where is it best to sit during class?

There is one question that every student needs to ask himself before he gets to class, and not, it’s not about asking the professor for extra homework. So where is it best to sit during class? Is it the front, middle, or the back? Where you sit in class usually has an impact on how you well you understand what the teacher is teaching. The position also affects how teachers perceive you.

Every sitting position has its advantages and disadvantages. Students usually have different circumstances and needs, which is why they prefer some positions over others. If you are looking for the best place to sit in class, consider the pros and cons below.

The front row

This is one of the best positions you can sit in, but many students hate being so close to the teacher. The position is hated by students who are always rushing to finish their assignments at the last minute, or those who don’t want to draw any attention to themselves. If you want to concentrate in class, you don’t want to be distracted, or maybe you want to stay awake through the lesson, this front row is the best. Choosing to sit in the front row of the classroom will improve your class engagement, and this will translate to better grades.

The middle seats

Sitting in this position will help balance the advantages of being the front and the back of the classroom. This position will help you have an easier time in class because it is a bit more relaxed than the front, but you can still hear well and grab the teacher’s attention because you are close.

This position is best suited for the students for whom their seriousness in class is unpredictable. If you’re an average student who wants to learn but doesn’t always want to be the center of attention, the middle seats might be for you.

Where is it best to sit during class?

The side seats

Thes seat line the walls of the classroom or lecture hall. They give you more comfort, and when you are tired of bending over while writing, you can lean against the wall. If there are windows in the room, the side seats are closest to them, so that you can see everything happening outside.

The back row

The back seats provide a significant distance between you and the teacher, and this can have both advantages and disadvantages. Being in the back, you can do whatever you want – browsing, sleeping, or watching videos on your laptop, because there is no one to see you. You can sit in this position if you know how to control yourself. It is also the easiest seat to slide in and out of without making a scene, if you need to arrive late or leave early.

Every choice has its pros and cons, so every choice is individual according to what you’d like to achieve in class. No matter the case, be sure not to make mistakes or you’ll just embarrass yourself. Good luck!

Where is it best to sit during class?