Benefits of a “design your own major” program

Going off to college is an important part of many young people’s lives. Millions enroll in higher education every year in the hopes that getting a diploma will aid them in their future career. What do you do if nowhere offers a course that takes your fancy, though? Well, you could look for something else to do with your life, or you could design your own major. Not every college offers the opportunity for this, but if you attend one that does, this could be the perfect way to kickstart your future.

It’s molded around what you want

When you design your own major, the power is in your hands. While the responsibility of choosing your classes can be a lot to handle, the freedom is totally worth it. Think of how many students have to attend classes they hate because they’re part of a pre-determined program. You could avoid having to drag yourself out of bed for an hour-long yawnfest because everything you’re studying is something you want to do.

Benefits of a “design your own major” program

Sure, there will still be days when you don’t want to sit in a lecture, but what can you do? Every student has to deal with the burden of studying when they’d rather be nursing their hangover at home – that’s what college is all about.

It’ll prepare you for a specific career

Most people who consider designing their own majors do so because they want something tailored to their future career. A person looking to get a job in performing arts management might not know how to choose between getting a diploma in theater, music or dance. Luckily, by taking control of their course, they could do classes in all three and ultimately graduate with more well-rounded experience.

By stretching yourself across disciplines, you also improve your chances of getting work outside of college because you’re skilled in a greater variety of things. If the career you have in mind doesn’t pan out, you still have other options available to you thanks to your tailored program.

It demonstrates your motivation and independence

A lot of people don’t design their own majors because it’s a lot of hard work. You don’t just get to sign on to a program and attend the classes picked for you. Alongside an advisor, you have to choose the classes you want to do, get them approved and hope that you can handle the varied workload.

Benefits of a “design your own major” program

However, if everything goes to plan, it will work out in your benefit. Not only will you graduate with a diploma, but you’ll also have something that demonstrates your creativity, motivation, and independence. Rather than following the crowd, you did your own thing and succeeded with it. Most employers are looking to hire people who demonstrate skills outside of their academic achievements, and this is a great way to showcase what you can bring to a job.

College is the perfect time to party, make friends, party some more, and enjoy the final years before you’re properly an adult. However, if you don’t take your time there seriously, you’ll waste an excellent opportunity to prepare for your future. Don’t settle for an existing course if your heart isn’t in it – design your own major instead. The hard work will be worth it.