College advice: Seek campuses that connect to the world of work

Many college courses nowadays offer students plenty of academic experiences but fail to link their studies with the working world, leaving them coming out of college without any relevant experience. Other college campuses are in remote locations and leave students physically cut off from the outside world, so it’s like living in a bubble. Unfortunately for many, the bubble bursts when they depart college, with some people not working in the same field as they studied. People leave college only to find they cannot get a job in their area of interest, despite their best efforts, because they don’t have sufficient practical knowledge. It leads to the all too common modern-day problem of needing experience but not being able to get any. A trend that has seen many people working for free to get the required experience and others dropping out entirely of those industries. Other colleges are located near major cities or have active work experience programs which allow their students to leave college with some first-hand working life experience. One such college is Drew University, New Jersey, whose priority is to be the link between their students and the working world.

Welcome to Drew University

Drew University has taken financial students to Tokyo, to learn from the Japanese markets. Allowing their students to immerse themselves in the Asian markets and study the economies of different cultures open their eyes to the globalization of the financial industry. It means that when they graduate and enter the business arena, they will have a basic understanding of different markets, which is essential in modern financial trading. Furthermore, the students at Drew will head to the London Stock Exchange, gaining even more strings to their bows, as well as having a look at the social impact the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum is having on the country.

National recognition for leading from the front

The university has been recognized as one of the colleges that creates futures by The Princeton Review. Their Political Science and Master in Finance courses are leading the way in getting students the crucial experiences they so desperately need to get into the working world with a leg up. Imagine going for a job interview with trips to study the markets in both London and Tokyo on your resume, and you’re up against a candidate without any work experience. You might as well start spending your salary because you’re sure to have a massive advantage over your competitor.

If you have concerns about going to a college that doesn’t seem to have a track record of getting their graduates jobs, do some research into their schemes to get students experience before leaving. Maybe you’ll find your college of choice does offer it, or maybe you’ll find a better alternative. Spending all of that money going to college and racking up a considerable debt hardly seems worth it if at the end of it that is all you end up, debt. College is a great place to go and gain much-needed life experiences before you head out into the big scary world, but it would be a shame to leave without any knowledge of the working world too.