Funny college twitter pages you should follow

We all need a good laugh sometimes. When you’re a student, you can get so stressed out with studying that you need to find a way to let off some steam. That’s where social media comes in. It’s great for relieving some of that built up stress, especially if you use Twitter. There are thousands of accounts on the site designed merely to make you laugh, and some of them are pretty relatable too. If you need several college-related pages to start following, you might want to check these out.

Sorority Probs (@SORORITYPROBS)

One of the biggest draws of going to college is the opportunity to join a frat or sorority. There’s no assurance that you’ll get into one, and the hazing can be brutal, but if you make it in, then you’ve got friends for life. Nothing should ever come between frat brothers or sorority sisters.

Sorority Probs is a twitter set up for all those young women across the nation who understand the ups and downs of being a sister. Many of their tweets will have you laughing because you know exactly where they’re coming from. From their posts about going through hazing to dealing with boys, this account is everything you need when you’re stuck studying.

CollegeHumor (@CollegeHumor)

If you’re looking for articles that will get you giggling, CollegeHumor has got you covered. They mainly use their Twitter account to post links to their web content, and they’re the kind of hilarious articles that many students can relate to.

Things like “11 Hilarious Twitter Burns That Were Utter Perfection” and “17 of the Biggest Hints Guys Totally Missed from Girls” ought to strike a chord with many young people. You’ll be crying with laughter at how savage some of their posts are, and won’t be able to stop yourself from reveling in the misfortune of others. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of schadenfreude.

Student (@FactsOfSchool)

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a Twitter account more relatable than this. @FactsOfSchool says everything that tends to go through the mind of a student, and it encapsulates most of what makes going through college so difficult.

With tweets like “I really wish my bank account was as full as my laundry basket” and “R.I.P to all the “we have to hangout this summer’s that never happened,” you’ll feel like you’ve finally found someone who understands you. Chances are this account will make you laugh, but the kind of uncomfortable laughing where you pretend everything is fine when you’re actually dying inside.

TFM (@totalfratmove)

Amongst the tweets advertising their website and sharing various brands and articles that might interest you, there are hundreds of hilarious student videos that will leave entertained. We’re talking about students across the nation embarrassing themselves after having one too many drinks on a Friday night.

These are the kind of videos that are cringe-inducing and make you glad to be sober, but that you know you’ll be the star of once the drinks start flowing. We all do crazy things when we’re under the influence. Isn’t that what being a student is all about?

LADbible (@ladbible)

There’s a reason that LADbible has over two million followers on Twitter. Within the mix of inspiring and intriguing stories are plenty of hilarious videos that will remind you there’s always something to laugh about in life. Whenever the stress of college is getting you down, this account will remind you there are other people out there doing much worse off than you right now. We’re talking much, much worse off… but in a funny way, of course

While education is important and everything, it’s not half difficult. The stress it puts students through is immense, to the point that they need an outlet to stop them from having a breakdown. Hopefully, these Twitter accounts can serve that purpose for anyone struggling right now.