Why you should learn economics in college

Picking a major at college is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever have to make. What if you pick something you hate halfway through? What if you get a degree and it’s useless? What if potential employers aren’t interested in your Art Major?! There are some subjects that are a total fail-safe, however, and will set you up for life. Economics is one of the best choices at college – here’s why.

Everyday usage

As you start to learn economics, you’ll probably be surprised at how much you can apply to everyday life. It could be financial side, such as managing your personal money or making the right investment choices; it could be the sociological side, such as understanding what makes people buy (and when) or how the economy impacts our lives in the present and future. There are so many things you will learn during an economics major that will be extremely helpful for the rest of your life. You will find yourself becoming better at money management, reading people, understanding the economy and its history, and your business acumen will be off the chart. Now they’re some serious skills to have once you leave college!

Why you should learn economics in college

Job prospects

What do you want to do as a career when you leave college? If you have no idea then studying economics could be a smart choice for you. As we’ve already seen, this subject is used in so many different parts of our lives, and therefore it’s a smart degree to have on your resume. Even if you think you know what career path you want to follow when you graduate, life doesn’t always work out that way. Economics is a fairly broad topic, which means that there are plenty of employers who will recruit graduates who have studied this subject. The job prospects are pretty endless with an economics degree.

It’s super interesting

Economics is one of the most fascinating subjects you can study at college because it is literally how our world works. An exciting blend of math, politics, sociology, psychology, history, and a whole lot more means that you will never be bored during an economics lesson. How does the economy in the US differ from economics all over the world? How does the stock market work? There are so many things you’ll learn in economics that will leave you fascinated with the world, the economy, and people.

The salary

Studying economics is bound to provide you with a broad range of job prospects, as we already know. However, did you know it’s also one of the best degrees to get if you want a healthy salary once you graduate? Depending on what kind of career you want after you finish college, you could be looking at an average salary of well over $60,000. Economists, if you decide to go down that route, earn an average of $109,230 per year, whereas a Chief Economist can earn a whole lot more. Financial analysts, business analysts, and associate professors are also top earning salaries for those with an economics degree.

Why you should learn economics in college

Although economics may be falling in favor compared to more modern topics, such as IT-related degrees, this is definitely a major choice to consider. There are so many benefits to finishing college with an economics degree, so do your research and see if it’s the subject for you.