Meal preps basics for college students with no time

Life is never like before once you find yourself in college. College life calls for adaptation of several survival tactics in order to have a less bumpy ride for the duration you will be studying. There are students who enter into college with expectations of having a smooth ride only to find out that things are far from what they had envisioned. Cooking or meal preparation is one area that requires proper planning and prioritization because again in college, time and resources can be limited. As much is studying is important, it can only be result-oriented if the body is well taken care of. You therefore need to have a number of options for simple meal preparation.

Meal preps basics for college students with no time

To avoid having a hard time getting used to college meal preparations, sampling out a number of recipes while at home before you report to college can help a lot. This move gives you an ample time to try out healthier options because college life at times comes with temptations of binging on fast foods and other unhealthy options. Having ideas on what to cook once you get into college will put you at an advantage once you land there. Here are some meal prep basics that can come in handy in college:

Thai peanut noodles

If you happen to be a noodles lover, you could do just fine with this two minute preparation Thai food type. You just need to include some peanuts, peanut butter and seasonings of your choice and there you have it!
Chicken tacos – You could be munching away your chicken tacos within minutes of cooking chicken in a skillet, with some bits of onions and seasonings for the perfect taste and smell.

Cheeseburger Macaroni

Using American cheese or any type of your choice, this recipe will take you at most 30 minutes of preparation. You need ingredients such as fat free milk, lean ground beef, macaroni, onion powder and seasoning etc.
Italian sausage and baked potato -A baked diner of potatoes, Italian sausage, oil, rosemary and vinegar is yet another simple meal you can add into your quick-fix list of college meals. All the ingredients are baked together in one pan.

Coconut fried fish

Toying around with some seafood recipe isn’t a bad idea either. On preparing this, dip fish fillets in a coconut milk mixture and then fry them in heated oil. Some sprinkle of salt and pepper for flavor is also required.

Black bean soup

This is for the days you are having it rough due to chilly winter days. You only need cheese, crushed tortilla strips and sour cream for the ingredients. Some addition of sliced avocado is welcome too.

Meal preps basics for college students with no time

Balsamic pork chops

Pork meat lovers can try out this recipe which only takes 15 minutes. Ingredients for this include balsamic vinegar, rosemary, pan-seared pork chops and oil.

Meatball Stromboli

This equally tasty recipe consists of ingredients like pre-made pizza dough which can be bought, pre-cooked meatballs, some sauce and cheese and you are good to go.

With these simple meals, you’ll never be too busy to put together a healthy meal.