The way to make your CV stand out from the crowd

When you are applying for a job, your resume is likely to be one of many that the recruiter receives and at this point, all they know about you is what is written on the paper. So how can you make your application stand out, when you all have similar qualifications and experiences?

Start with a bang

When filling in your personal profile, make sure you highlight some of your important skills and key accomplishments. You want the person looking through the resumes to see exactly what makes you stand out as soon as possible, so start strong. Don’t make them have to start looking for the information that they want.

Focus on our results over your responsibilities

Generally speaking, the responsibilities for the same role in different places are pretty similar, and the person looking at the applications will probably have a rough understanding of these. What can really make your resume stand out, is by including quantifiable data on your past results. Try to be specific and add numerical values to things such as increased engagement as this is likely to impress.

The way to make your CV stand out from the crowd

Pick keywords out from the job advert

Show that you tick all their boxes by specifically mentioning the keywords that were in the advertisement. Provide examples of how you and your experience are relevant to what they are looking for and the recruitment manager will see just how you fit the bill.

Show your knowledge of the industry

Whether you are changing industries or just moving around the one you are currently in, showing insight to the industry is a great way to illustrate to the company that you are able to keep on top of trends and news. Include some facts or numbers that back up your knowledge.

Use power words – but not too many!

Words like ‘adaptable’ and ‘innovative’ are great to include on your resume, but make sure it doesn’t read like a cliched word soup! Try to avoid overused words that don’t really mean anything, and instead think about what the database software for this specific job description might be looking for.

Pick a good design

Try to go for a simple, clean design without too many fonts or colors. Trying to use word art, or an elaborate typeface will certainly make it stand out but for all the wrong reasons! Make sure it is easy to read and laid out clearly and try not to go over two sides of the A4 paper as you want the recruiter to read it, not skip past it!

The way to make your CV stand out from the crowd

Focus on your USPs

If you volunteered with someone who is big in your industry, then mention it. If you won an award for your work on a specific project, make sure it is on your resume. There could be so many people applying for one position and to get to the interview stage; you’ve got to show them why you are different, and more suitable for the job role, than any of the others!

Remember, your resume is all they have to go off of about you, so make yourself shine! Don’t settle for a generic, boring resume unless you want a generic, boring job!