5 common freshman year mistakes and how to avoid them

Freshman year of college is certainly one of the most exciting times for a college student. It is that year when you get to be free from teachers and parents hovering all around you, trying to see what mischief you are up to. However, college life is way different from high school life. You can stay out late at a party, go wherever you want, dress however you want, associate with anyone, and even eat whatever you want. However, with this kind of freedom, freshman students can get themselves in trouble, making regrettable mistakes which can easily ruin their campus life. In this article, we will discuss five common freshman year regrets and how to avoid them.

Not balancing your social life and school work

There is always confusion among college students of whether to spend time with friends outside of class, or to focus on getting school work accomplished. If not handled carefully, this leads to time mismanagement that can deteriorate your school work. However, to avoid the mess, it is always recommended to budget your time. Be bold enough to tell your friends when you need to have a library session.

Prioritizing your college life over your family

It feels awesome to have a new life away from the constant nagging of family members. It is easy to get carried away by the masses of new friends thus sidelining your family members and home friends. Despite the new excitement, your family needs your time, just as you need them. To avoid this hurdle, set some time aside each week to reach out to your parents and siblings via a phone call or video call. They will be glad to hear about your new adventures and how you are adapting to it.

Partying too hard

One of the hardest things for a freshman student is setting limits when it comes to partying. Often, you will find college students ending up in embarrassing situations. College life offers big parties that tend to lead to irresponsible behavior. However, such mistakes can be avoided easily. Set limits and always plan ahead when you are going to a party, and ensure that you head out with a trusted friend.

Thinking that you can do everything in college

There is nothing like jack-of-all-trades in college life. You are working very hard to participate in every college activity; academic clubs, social clubs, games clubs, dance, sports, and project meetings. This will definitely burn you out, leading to a negative impact on your social and academic life. There is no need to burn the candle on both ends. Limit yourself to a few choice clubs and avoid attending every college event. Know your interests and do activities that you can comfortably handle.

Assuming that everyone is your new friend

Freshman year can be both scary and exciting, since it involves meeting so many new people from all corners of your country or state. Loads of handshakes and introductions carry the day. However, don’t be surprised when such new friends don’t remain your besties for the rest of your life. They are human just like you. You cannot accommodate everyone in your circle and it is best to approach people with an open mind. As time goes on, you’ll learn who your real friends are.