5 weekend trips under $100 to take if spring break is out of your budget

In the words of Honey Boo Boo, “A dollar makes me holler” – and when there’s another 99 dollars involved, we’re hollering even more. You can’t tame us. Although you’re probably under the impression that $100 won’t take you very far in terms of an epic Spring Break trip, we’re here to prove you wrong. Sure, you won’t be able to follow your crushes all the way to Cabo to drink margaritas on the beach alongside thousands of other Spring Breakers, but we have social anxiety, so we’re kinda not sad about that. Instead, check out these 5 weekend trips under $100 to take if Spring Break was out of your budget…

Get on yer bike in Cape Cod

If you don’t mind making a few new friends during your budget Spring Break trip, why not check out one of the cheapest hostels in Cape Cod? The HI Truro will set you back just $45 per night during this time of year and will give you plenty of free dollars to explore what the area has to offer. One of the best ways to do this is to rent a bike and cycle through the breathtaking national parks before stopping off at one of their famous dive bars. Just remember, don’t drink and cycle, kids.

Hike the Adirondacks

If hiking is your thang, incorporating a hiking trip into your Spring Break is the best way to get away from home and do something you love with your pals. The best part? Hiking is super cheap! Simply take your tent to upstate New York, settle down at the bottom of the Adirondack mountains for a good night’s kip, before getting up early and choose to hike one of the many peaks this area has to offer. All you’ll need to pay for is hiking gear (if you don’t already have it), food and water. Bonus.

Rent a cabin in Vermont

One of the greatest ways to cut down on an epic mini break is to ditch the 5* hotels and embrace the rustic lifestyle. Thankfully, you won’t have to get down and dirty in the mud, but Vermont offers amazing cabins and lodges within some of the most beautiful parks and campsites you ever did see. Trust us. In fact, you can find Vermont lodges overlooking lakes that are begging for you to jump in for as little as $48 per night. All that’s left to buy is a hefty bag of marshmallows to make yummy s’mores, a little bubbly to start the night off right, and your best friends.

Tan yourself in Delaware

So, you can’t go to Cabo, huh? WHO CARES? After all, you can tan yourself on a beach anywhere where there is sand and sun – and Delaware is one of the best places to do this. Grab your swimsuit, grab your sun lotion, grab your friends, and check into the Anchorage Motel (which will set you back just $59 a night) before heading off to the nearby golden sands. This area also offers various other activities, such as cool art galleries, beautiful hikes, and more. If you get bored, you can even drive the short journey to The Big Apple!

Check out Jersey Shore

Don’t worry; you won’t bump into Snooki. At least, we don’t think you will. You can stay in Jersey Shore hotels for as little as $45 per night, which leaves you a good portion of wonga to check out the beach, wander the iconic boardwalks, rent a paddle board, or even get a tattoo in some of the most famous tattoo shops around. The Jersey Shore is your oyster!

Are you looking to get away for a budget Spring Break trip? Well, look no further.