7 traditions to start with your boyfriend or girlfriend & your friend groups

Once you get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, you probably take yourself away from your everyday life to spend even more time with your boo. You snuggle, you cuddle, you hold hands, you go to romantic movies, and you can’t help but boop their nose every so often. However, it’s important that those in new relationships bring themselves down to earth every now and then to reconnect with their friends and family – instead of leaving them in the dark. One of the best ways to connect your boyfriend, girlfriend and your friend groups together is to start a few traditions between you all…

Take a trip to a theme park

Let’s be honest, we would live in Six Flags if we could – but we don’t think the theme park wardens would be too pleased when we brought along our whole wardrobe and our favorite comforter. However, nothing brings friends and lovers closer than hurtling through the air at 80mph and screaming your head off. You can then finish off your day with yummy cotton candy and a stint in the photo booth!

7 traditions to start with your boyfriend or girlfriend & your friend groups

Make crock-pot Sunday a regular occurrence

Never heard of crock-pot Sunday? Well, the rules of the game are simple. You make the main dish in a crock pot, and invite all of your friends and family around for a delicious meal. Yet, they have to all bring a little dish, side, or starter that will complement the main meal – so everyone contributes to the delicious meal you all get to eat. Because It’s in a crock pot, you can just let it do its thing and play games, chat about life or even bring out your inner Beyonce in karaoke.

Go to a music festival every year

What do you do on your weekends? Do you go to the movies? Do you watch television? Do you eat a heck load of ice cream? There’s a high chance you do the same kind of thing every week with your S/O or your friends – so why not give yourselves something to looks forward to? If you book an out of state musical festival each year, not only do you have something to get hyped about, but you also get to experience something new and exciting wit those close to you. What could be better than that?

Rent a beach house for a little vacay

Now, this is something you can do with a large group of friends, or just you and your boyfriend or girlfriend each year. You can take yourself off to the beach, rent a lovely house right by the water, chill out with your favorite people or persons, and take in the sun during a trip of a lifetime. If you do this every year, you can make a brand new and inexpensive tradition that will give you something to look forward to.

Host an ugly sweater party

Okay, it doesn’t have to be an ugly sweater party – but they are super cool and embarrassing, so we would say to give it a go! If you host a party in your home or in the park once a year, you can use it as an opportunity to bring your whole friendship group, your family, and your S/O into one place. If you get everyone involved, it will leave you with lasting memories and stories for the rest of your lives.

7 traditions to start with your boyfriend or girlfriend & your friend groups

Throw a surprise party each year

Is there anything better than a surprise birthday party? We’re gonna vote no. However, if you’re one of a very large friendship group, planning surprise parties can be a year-long thing and can often feel like you’re planning another party every week. To combat this, make a pact with your friends to randomly choose one person from the group to plan a party for – so each year is different!

Have a games night every month

If we had our way, games night would be every night – but that would just take the fun out of it all. Instead, the best way to do games night is to have one a month but to mix things up, so you don’t always play the same games. If you choose a theme each month, you can make the food, the drinks and the fun around that one theme. Sounds good, right?

While you could carry on with your boring lives with your friends and partners, it’s much more fun to know that exciting events, parties and vacations are coming up – which is why you need to make even more traditions with those around you.