9 college apartment must-haves

Being accepted to your dream college is the most exceptional experience. Such a feeling of validation and an overwhelming sense of hope for the bright future ahead. What if this perfect college is far away from home? The comforts of our home can keep us sane, and moving away can be tougher than we realize. The space could be tiny, not all places come already furnished, and there’s no mom around to feed us. A new student will need all the help they can get. We have come up with a comprehensive list of the top nine college apartment must-haves to make the home away from home actually feel like home.

9 college apartment must-haves

Statement cushions and throws

Not just any cushions and throws will suffice. Go neutral with bedding and furniture and use throws and cushions that reflect the colors and patterns you want. Doing this is also a great cost saver for bringing color into the room. They can be changed to something different quickly and easily for a whole new apartment look.

Something for the walls

No place will feel like home until there is something beautiful hanging on the wall. Be it a picture, a beautifully framed mirror, a piece of artwork, or even a tapestry. Bare walls are depressing and the space feels unfinished and empty. Family photos are a nice touch too when living far away from home.


This one can only really be decided after moving into the apartment. Get a feel for the space and then figure out what the storage needs are. Too little bathroom storage? Get a tall and thin shelving unit that fits next to the toilet. Not enough cupboard space? A chest of drawers can hold a load of clothes and double up as a dressing table. Cube storage is a great option for any room and looks super chic.


Ever tried to study in low light? Hello, headache. Having good lighting will sort out that problem. A desk lamp or strings of LEDs around the room will make such a difference to the overall mood of the apartment.

Laundry hamper

Another frequently overlooked item. Laundry day at college doesn’t happen as often as it should. Having a laundry hamper and using it is such an easy way to make sure that the space stays neat and tidy.

A desk

This might seem like a no brainer, but it’s an essential that is often overlooked. Studying from the bed or the sofa might seem like a comfy idea at the time, but after a few hours… not so much. Get a desk and a good chair, your back will thank you for it.

9 college apartment must-haves

Personal items

College is about learning, but not just about learning what’s in those textbooks. It’s also about learning who we are. Let that apartment space be a reflection of who you are. Personal trinkets, pictures, and gifts. Display them proudly.

A plant

Having something to care for is a great destresser. A plant is a lovely addition to have in any home. They are beautiful to look at and provide clean air to freshen up the place. Some plants are even great for keeping the air in a room hygienic.

The college apartment could be called home for several years depending on the chosen subjects to study. With these tips, it will feel like home in no time.