Annoying things your roomie does that immediately turn you into Sheldon Cooper

The genius of Sheldon Cooper as a character is that there’s a little of him in all of us. And there is no greater example of us turning into Sheldon than when our roomie does something that drives us mad. Sure, choosing who we want to live with is a wonderful experience, and it’s much better than having to live at home all the time – no offense to our parents.

Now, the thing with having a roommate is that sometimes it can be a bit of a lottery. You can never be sure who you’re going to get unless of course, you’ve chosen to live with friends. Now, roommates can have loads of really irritating habits you need to get used to. These are 7 of the biggest offenses that will turn you into a neurotic Sheldon Cooper-type.

The borrow and don’t return

How annoying is it when your roomie borrows something and doesn’t return it?! Like, how difficult is it to actually just put it back where you got it from?! This is one of the biggest things that drives us mad about cohabitation. It’s a simple process – they borrow, they return, or they don’t get to borrow any more!

Eat your food

Eating your food out of the fridge is another one of the most infuriating things roommates do. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes us go full-on Hulk rage when it happens! We don’t want to be the sort to put labels on our food, but sometimes we just aren’t given a choice in the matter!

Too much noise

We get that people want to have a good time, and having friends over is no issue, but, on a weeknight, we have to be up early for work. So there’s no cause to have someone over making undue amounts of noise after a certain time. This is inconsiderate and annoying, and the best way of putting you off your roommate.

Leaving dirty dishes

We get that you don’t want to stop and wash your dishes up before eating dinner, who would? But roomies could at least wash and clean them afterward, right? Piling up dirty dishes is one of the biggest no-nos of cohabitation, and this is one you should try to make sure your roommate isn’t doing.

Letting their friend park in your space

You know the drill, you pull up by your house to park in your regular spot, and you can’t because there’s a car already there! This is your favorite spot, and you love it, and now your roommate has let their friend park there without telling you – who does that?!

Not replacing the milk

We’ve all been there, when we open the refrigerator and take out the milk carton, only to find it has all been used. Why has your roomie used it all and not replaced it, and why have they put the empty carton back in the fridge?! It’s not just milk this happens with, but that is certainly the main one.

Leaving shoes out

Leaving shoes strewn around the floor is a tripping hazard, and you’ll be lucky to get by without breaking your neck! There are so many things that can prove an annoyance, but this is both annoying AND dangerous, so it’s like a double whammy!

These are just seven of the really annoying things we’re sure your roomie definitely does. These will drive you crazy and turn you into Sheldon in no time. But, we sympathize with you; why are they doing these things, and don’t they realize it’s making you mad?!